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Yaskawa / MagneTek / Saftronics / Omron VS Mini Drives

VS Mini Drives

The VS Mini series of drives from Yaskawa has a wide range of applications from packaging to pumping to mixing. These drives are available in 1 hp models with either a single phase 115V input, or a 3 phase 230V input. Built small, VS mini drives still maintain the same programming capabilities as their larger counterparts. A few of the other features of this series include:

  • Torque boost
  • Slip compensation
  • Digital keypad operator
  • Over 70 programmable fucntions
  • Short circuit and ground fault protection

MRO Electric and Supply offers repair services as well as an exchange program for Schneider Electric, Yaskawa, Siemens, and all other manufacturers listed on our website. All repairs include a 12 month warranty for your satisfaction. 

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VS Mini Drives Description Stock Level
CIMR-V7AM20P4Yaskawa CIMR-V7AM20P4: DRIVE AC 3.9AMP 3PH 200-230VAC 50/60HZCall For Stock
CIMR-V7AM20P41Yaskawa CIMR-V7AM20P41: DRIVE 1/2HP 230VAC 3AMP IP20 INVERTERCall For Stock
CIMR-V7AM20P7Yaskawa CIMR-V7AM20P7: DRIVE 1HP.75KW 5AMP 200-230VAC 3PHASECall For Stock
CIMR-V7AM21P5Yaskawa CIMR-V7AM21P5: DRIVE AC 11AMP 3PHASE 200-230VAC 50/60HZCall For Stock
CIMR-V7AM22P2Yaskawa CIMR-V7AM22P2: DRIVE 3HP 11AMP 230V OUTPUT 0-400HZCall For Stock
CIMR-V7AM23P7Yaskawa CIMR-V7AM23P7: AC DRIVECall For Stock
CIMR-V7AM25P5Yaskawa CIMR-V7AM25P5: DRIVE 7.5HP 25AMP 230VAC 3PHASE 0-400HZCall For Stock
CIMR-V7AM27P5DRIVE 10HP 230VAC 3PHASE 0-400HZ 33AMPCall For Stock
CIMR-V7AM40P2Yaskawa CIMR-V7AM40P2: DRIVE 3PH IN 1.6AMP 380-460VAC OUT 1.2AMP 0-460VACCall For Stock
CIMR-V7AM40P4Yaskawa CIMR-V7AM40P4: DRIVE DC 5HP 380-460VCall For Stock
CIMR-V7AM40P7Yaskawa CIMR-V7AM40P7: DRIVE 1HP 3.4AMP 0-460V 0-400HZ GPD-315/V7Call For Stock
CIMR-V7AM41P5Yaskawa CIMR-V7AM41P5: DRIVE 2HP 4.8AMP 460VAC 3PHASE IP20Call For Stock
CIMR-V7AM41P51Yaskawa CIMR-V7AM41P51: DRIVE 2HP 4.8AMP 460VAC IP20 INVERTERCall For Stock
CIMR-V7AM43P7Yaskawa CIMR-V7AM43P7: DRIVE 5HP 8.6AMP 380-480VAC 3PHASECall For Stock
CIMR-V7AM45P5Yaskawa CIMR-V7AM45P5: INVERTER DRIVE 19.6/14.8AMP 3PHASE 460VAC 50/60HZCall For Stock
CIMR-V7AM47P5Yaskawa CIMR-V7AM47P5: DRIVE 10HP 18AMP 380-460VAC 3PHASE 0-400HZ1 In Stock
Ships Today
CIMR-V7AU23P7Yaskawa CIMR-V7AU23P7: DRIVE AC 5HP 17.5AMP 230VAC 50/60HZ 3PHCall For Stock
CIMR-V7AU40-P7Yaskawa CIMR-V7AU40-P7: DRIVE 3PHASE 0-460VAC 3.4AMP IP20 INVERTERCall For Stock
CIMR-V7AU40P4Yaskawa CIMR-V7AU40P4: DRIVE 1HP 460VAC 3PHASECall For Stock
CIMR-V7AZ42P2Yaskawa CIMR-V7AZ42P2: AC DRIVE 3PH 380-460V 50/60HZ 8.1ACall For Stock
CIMR-V7AZ47P5VS Mini V7 DriveCall For Stock
CIMR-V7CU43P7Yaskawa CIMR-V7CU43P7: DRIVE AC 8.6AMP 460VCall For Stock
CIMR-V7CU45P5Yaskawa CIMR-V7CU45P5: DRIVE 7.5HP 14.8AMP 380-480VAC 3PHASECall For Stock
CIMR-V7NU40P7Yaskawa CIMR-V7NU40P7: DRIVE 3PH 2HP 4.7AMP 380/460VAC 50/60HZCall For Stock
CIMR-XCAA20P4Yaskawa CIMR-XCAA20P4: DRIVE 1/2HP 3.3AMP 230VAC 50/60HZCall For Stock
CIMR-XCBMA0P10Yaskawa | CIMR-XCBMA0P10 | Vs MiniCall For Stock
CIMR-XCBMA0P20Yaskawa | CIMR-XCBMA0P20 | Vs MiniCall For Stock
CIMR-XCBMA0P40Yaskawa | CIMR-XCBMA0P40 | Vs MiniCall For Stock
CIMR-XCBMA0P70Yaskawa | CIMR-XCBMA0P70 | Vs MiniCall For Stock
CIMR-ZU2A0011FAAAC Drive, 200-240V, 10.6ACall For Stock
CIMR-ZU4A0005FAAHVAC DRIVE, 380-480VCall For Stock
CIMR-ZU4A0008FAAYaskawa CIMR-ZU4A0008FAA: DRIVE 5HP 7.6AMP 380-480VAC 3PHASECall For Stock
CIMR-ZU4A0011FAADrive HVAC 7.5HP 12A 480VAC2 In Stock
Ships Today
CIMR-ZU4A0021FAAYaskawa CIMR-ZU4A0021FAA: YASKAWA Z1000 15 HP, 380-480V AC. 3 Phase Output 21.0 AmpsCall For Stock
CIMR-ZU4A0027FAADRIVE, AC, 20HP, 480 voltCall For Stock
CIMR-ZU4A0040FAADrive, HVAC, 480V, 40A, 30 HPCall For Stock
CIMR-ZU4A0052FAA40 HP 380-480 HVAC DriveCall For Stock
CIMR-ZU4A0096FAAHVAC DriveCall For Stock
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