Control Techniques Commander SE HF Trip Codes

Commander SE
Commander SE

The Control Techniques Commander SE Microdrive series is an AC open loop vector that provides great flexibility as well as a small footprint.  Although this series is reliable you may encounter one of the HF Trip codes listed below.  These codes are a result of an internal error in the drive.  Most often these trip codes can be resolved by powering down and allowing the drive sit for 5 minutes before powering up again.

If the HF Fault code does not clear then your drive will likely require a repair.

Here is a list of possible Control Techniques Commander SE HF Trip Codes:

  • HF01 – SOFTSTARTFAIL: Soft start relay failure detected by DSP (not applicable to SE size 5).
    • If the inrush/softstart relay opens u while the drive is running or does not close correctly, the drive will trip on HF01.
  • HF02 – OIFAILURE: OI trip detected at power up.
    • If the drive detects an OI.AC (over-current trip on power up), then the drive will trip on HF02 and not OI.AC.
  • HF03 – FANFAILED: Cooling fan not running (if fitted). No PWM detected by micro.
    • If your Commander SE is fitted with a heatsink cooling fan and its fails, the drive will trip on HF03.
  • HF70 – LEVEL1OVERRUN: User code level 1 overrun.
  • HF71 – LEVEL2OVERRUN: User code level 2 overrun.
  • HF72 – LEVEL3OVERRUN: User code level 3 overrun.
    • The user interface code (control PCB microprocessor) runs on different priority levels and each task has a set time to complete its tasks. If for some reason the code cannot complete its task within the alloted time, it will trip HF70, HF71, or HF72.
  • HF73 – DSPCOMMS: Communications between processor and DSP not working
    • The two microprocessors talk to each other via 2 wire RS485 serial communications. If this internal serial communication link fails, then the drive will trip HF73.
  • HF74 – DSPOVERRUN DSP: code overrun.
    • This trip code is like HF70, 71, and 72 but with the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) on the power PCB.
  • HF83 – POWERBOARD CODE: Incorrect power board code.
    • The DSP reads voltage from the power PCB to determine the correct kW amount. If this voltage is different than the expected value, the drive will trip HF83.
  • HF88 – WDOG: User code watchdog failure.
  • HF90 – STACKOF: User code stack overflow.
  • HF91 – STACKUF: User code stack underflow.
  • HF92 – ILLOPCODE: User code illegal opcode.
  • HF96 – ILLADDRESS: User code illegal address.
  • HF98  -INTCRASH: User code interrupt crash error.
    • While the user code is running, it is continuously checking that the data it is receiving is valid, and that the addresses are valid, etc. If it detects a problem, it will trip one of the 6 codes above: HF88, HF90, HF91, HF92, HF96, or HF98.
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Facing HF Trip Codes on Your Commander SE?

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10 thoughts to “Control Techniques Commander SE HF Trip Codes”

  1. Sir
    My command was giving an error Hf 03 where by when I checked the command bottom fun was not running.
    The I have replace with a new one but am still having the same error what could be the reason?

    1. Yes Sir, I too have HF 03 code and the fan works when connected to a battery.
      We are a Data center and have over 100 of these drives in our Liebert fan coil units. Board looks good, no damage. please advise
      Model SE 33400750 SE 11 T
      Serial 2062100712

    2. you have to replace with the exact same fan as with it been 3 wire the 3rd wire normally yellow is to control the speed, without this the fan will still trip and the new fan will run constantly at a high speed

  2. My Inverter is the security code has been lost & forgotten, please send me how to do fix
    this ploblem

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