Control Techniques Unidrive Option and Solution Modules

Unidrive Option Modules
Unidrive Option Modules

The Control Techniques Unidrive Option and Solution Modules will enhance the functionality of your variable speed drives, allowing them to consistently run at peak performance. The modules will easily integrate with your existing automation system.  A high speed parallel bus is used between the drive and the module which helps remove delays and will improve the drives reaction time.

The options offered by Control Techniques can be categorized by the following:

  • Intelligence and Safety – offering programmable automation and motion option modules
  • Communication – offering Ethernet and fieldbus communications option modules
  • Feedback – offering encoder and resolver option modules
  • Inputs and Outputs – offering additional analog and digital input and output option modules

If you are interested in enhancing your drive with any of these modules you can contact us at 1-800-691-8511 or  Visit our site to see a list of available Control Techniques option and solution modules.

Updated on May 20, 2019 by Brian Hughes

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