Control Techniques Commander SK Security Features

The Control Techniques Commander SK series contains several levels of security.  The level 1 security set has parameters from 1 – 10.  These parameters are the most basic drive configuration registers, containing mostly motor information and start/stop selections.  Level 2 allows you to view and modify parameters 1 – 60.  These include more advanced features, such as, the brake control and fieldbus configuration.  Level 3 access is used to access parameter 1 – 95.  Parameters 61 – 80 in this level can be used to gain access to any register in the drive.  Within level 3 you are also able to gain access to the diagnostic functions of Pr 81 – Pr 95.  The last level is a custom security setting called Loc which can be used to edit any registers in the drive. Check out our website for all of our Commander SK series troubleshooting documentation.

To create your own security code:

  • Set parameter 10 to “L2”
  • Set parameter 25 to any number from 1 to 999
  • Set parameter 10 to “LOC”
  • Upon pressing the (M) MODE key, Parameter 10 will be set back to “L1” and Parameter 25 is set to 0 to hide the security code.

To change a parameter value:

  • Select parameter to be changed and press the (M) MODE button
  • When the display flashes and reads “CodE” use the up arrow to enter the code and press the (M) MODE button
  • When “Co” is displayed on the left any parameter value may be changed
  • Press the (M) button twice and the display will revert back to the default display
  • To reactivate the security code, go to parameter 10, select “LoC” and press the stop/reset button

Forgotten Security Code

Use the following procedure to get in through the “back door” if you have forgotten your security code:

  • Power down the drive
  • Hold in the up and down arrows while re-powering the drive
  • Go to parameter 25 (you may need to set parameter 10 to “L2”)
  • The security code will be displayed
  • Follow the “to change a parameter value” listed above

If you are interested in repairing or purchasing parts for the Commander SK series please contact us at 800-691-8511 or

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