How to Mount Siemens Simodrives

When installing a new Siemens Simodrive system, one of the first steps is to mount the drives in the cabinet. When you mount Siemens Simodrives, the modules must be arranged in a particular layout. The following criteria must be taken into account.
– Function of the module
– Cross section of the DC link busbar

Due to the limited conductivity of the DC link busbars of the modules with module width
150 mm, the DC link power PZK of these modules must not exceed 55 kW. Larger DC link busbars must be used if this restriction cannot be complied with (refer to Fig. 2-2 and 2-3).

The DC link power PZK of the subsequent modules is calculated according to the engineering rule specified in Chapter 1.3.

The larger DC link busbars can be ordered as a set with Order No. [MLFB] 6SN1161-1AA02-6AA0. The set includes reinforced DC link busbars for module widths 50 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm.

The standard DC link brackets between the modules may not be changed, even
when strengthened DC link busbars are used.

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