Inspecting Your Yaskawa SERVOPACK


To maintain a working SERVOPACK, there are a series of procedures to follow for inspection. The following steps should be followed at least once a year in order to ensure the best condition for your machine.

Item to be Inspected Method Notes
Interior and Circuit Boards Clean away dust, dirt and oil that accumulate on surfaces. Use compressed air or cloth
Screws Check for loose screws (both terminal block and connector) Tighten loose screws
Defective Parts Check for discoloration, discontinuities or damage from heating in the Unit and on the Circuit Boards. Contact a representative for advice on how to proceed once located.

When to Change Parts to Your Machine

Overtime, parts for your model will deteriorate and need to be replaced. Following this replacement guide will help avoid machine failure and keep it running smoothly. For the YASKAWA SERVOPACK, there are a number of parts to keep an eye on in order to maintain prime condition. Below is a list of replaceable parts and their expected life for your YASKAWA SERVOPACK model. Make sure your parts are tested before replacement.

Part to be Replaced Standard Part Life
Cooling Fan 4-5 Years
Smoothing Capacitor 7-8 Years
Relays As Necessary
Fuse 10 years
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor on Circuit Board 5 Years

It is also important that parameters are set correctly before operating begins. To confirm that conditions are viable for operation make sure that your model has an average annual temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, a maximum load factor of eighty percent, and a maximum operation rate of 20 hours per day. Visit our website for a complete list of Yaskawa SERVOPACK models.

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