Assigning a 140 NOE Module Ethernet Address Parameter



If you have just received the Schneider 140 NOE 771 xx module but have not yet programmed it with an Ethernet configurable extension, you will need to assign an IP address to your module. In this guide you’ll receive information about assigning a 140 NOE Module Ethernet Address Parameter.
Using the BOOTP Lite software utility you can assign IP address parameters. One thing to note, however, is that with the modules 140 NOE 771 01, -11, and NWM 100 00 you can assign the IP address using web pages.

Using a BOOTP Server

BOOTP server is an application which manages your network device’s assigned IP addresses. Using your system administrator allows you to confirm whether a BOOTP server exists on your network and helps you use the server to maintain the adapter’s IP Address.

How an Unconfigured Module Obtains an IP Address

When your module first starts up without an IP Address, it will try to obtain an IP address from the network’s BOOTP server. When a response from a BOOTP server is made, the IP address in the response is used. If no response is received in two minutes, the module uses the default IP Address from its MAC address.

Connecting to the Default IP Address

You will need to set up an active route from your PC to connect to the default IP address with your PC. Use the following instructions to do this with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 or Windows XP.

Step Action
1 Be sure the NOE module is running.
2 Obtain the default IP address of the NOE derived from its MAC address (for
3 Open an MS-DOS window.
4 Add an active route for the local NOE by typing:
C:>ROUTE ADD <target> MASK <mask><gateway>
Use the default IP address of the NOE module as target address. Use a class A
subnet mask for connecting to every address. The gateway address is the
IP of your PC. The result is that MS Windows will now talk to any address that starts
with an 84 that is directly connected to a hub or switch directly accessible to your
machine, or that can be seen by the specified route/gateway.
5 Confirm that there is a new entry in the active route table by typing:
C:>route print:
The following figure confirms that the new entry was added to the active route table.
Active Routes

Network Address Netmask Gateway Address Interface Metric 1 1 1
6 Verify that a connection is made by typing:
The following figure shows that the connection is verified.

Reply from bytes=32 time<10MS TTL=32
Reply from bytes=32 time<10MS TTL=32
Reply from bytes=32 time<10MS TTL=32
Reply from bytes=32 time<10MS TTL=32


NOE 771 xx Duplicate IP Address Test

Once it receives an IP address, the module will test for duplicate addresses by sending broadcast ARP requests three times at 5-second intervals. The module will stay offline to avoid a network disruption if a duplicate IP address is found. If a duplicate IP address is found, the module will display a pattern of four flashes.

For a Schneider NOE 771 xx module listing and / or more information about this part, please take a look at our Modicon Quantum Communications Series Page.

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