Micromaster 420: Beyond the User Manual

Siemens Micromaster 420: Beyond the User Manual

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Troubleshooting with the SDP Table 4-1 explains the meaning of the various states of the LEDs on the SDP.

A06B-6132-H002 Manual
A06B-6132-H002 Manual
Troubleshooting with the BOP

Warnings and faults are displayed on the BOP with Axxx and Fxxx respectively. The individual messages are shown in the Parameter list.

If the motor fails to start when the ON command has been given:

  •  Check that P0010 = 0. ¾ Check that a valid ON signal is present.
  •  Check that P0700 = 2 (for digital input control) or P0700 = 1 (for BOP control).
  •  Check that the setpoint is present (0 to 10V on Terminal 3) or the setpoint has been entered into the correct parameter, depending upon the setpoint source (P1000). See the Parameter List for further details.

If the motor fails to run after changing the parameters, set P0010 = 30 then P0970 = 1 and press P to reset the inverter to the factory default parameter values. Now use a switch between terminals 5 and 8 on the control board. The drive should now run to the defined setpoint by analogue input.

Fault messages

In the event of a failure, the inverter switches off and a fault code appears on the display. NOTE: To reset the fault code, one of three methods listed below can be used:

  1. Cycle the power to the drive.
  2. Press the Fn button on the BOP or AOP.
  3.  Via Digital Input 3 (default setting)

Fault messages are stored in parameter r0947 under their code number (e.g. F0003 = 3). The associated error value is found in parameter r0949. The value 0 is entered if a fault has no error value. It is furthermore possible to read out the point in time that a fault occurred (r0948) and the number of fault messages (P0952) stored in Parameter r0947.

Alarm messages are stored in parameter r2110 under their code number (e.g. A0503 = 503) and can be read out from there.

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Siemens Micromaster
Siemens Micromaster


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