Schneider 140CPU11302 Troubleshooting LED Error Codes


When troubleshooting the Schneider Electric 140CPU11302 Module, it’s important to know the number of times the Run LED blinks for each type of error, along with the crash codes possible for that group. All the crash codes are in hexadecimal form for this particular module. The list of possible LED Descriptions and Error Codes are as follows:

LED Descriptions
LEDs Color Indication when On
Ready Green The CPU has passed powerup diagnostics
Run Green The CPU has been started and is solving logic (See the following table for Run LED error codes).
Modbus Green Communications are active on the Modbus port.
Modbus + Green Communications are active on the Modbus Plus port.
Mem Prt Amber Memory is write protected (the memory protect switch is on).
Bat Low Red The battery needs replacing.
Error A Red Indicates a communications error on the Modbus Plus network.
LED Error Codes
Number of Blinks Code Error
Countinuous 0000 requested kernel mode
2 80B ram error during sizing
80C run output active failed
82E MB command handler stack error
3 769 bus grant received
72A not master asic on cpu
72B master config write bad
72C quantum bus DPM write failure
72F plc asic loopback test
730 plc asic BAD_DATA
4 604 UPI timeout error
605 bad UPI response opcode
606 UPI bus diagnostic error
607 modbus cmd-buffer overflow
608 modbus cmd-length is zero
609 modbus abort command error
614 mbp bus interface error
615 bad mbp response opcode
616 timeout waiting for mbp
617 mbp out of synchronization
618 mbp invalid path
619 page 0 not paragraph aligned
61E bad external uart hardware
61F bad external uart interrupt
620 bad receive comm state
621 bad transmit comm state
622 bad comm state trn_asc
623 bad comm state trn_rtu
624 bad comm state rcv_rtu
625 bad comm state rcv_asc
626 bad modbus state tmr0_evt
627 bad modbus state trn-int
628 bad modbus state rcv-int
631 bad interrupt
5 503 ram address test error
6 402 ram data test error
7 300 EXEC not loaded
301 EXEC Checksum
8 8001 Kernal prom checksum error
8002 flash prog / erase error
8003 unexpected executive return

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