Siemens Sinamics VSM10 Module: Beyond the User Manual

The Voltage Sensing Module VSM10 is integrated in chassis format AIMs but may also be used to improve booksize ALMs compensation for fluctuations in the supply voltage. An Active Interface Module (AIM) is essential for the operation of an ALM. The AIM contains a reactor and filter to ensure compliance with category C3 (EN 61800-3) EMC regulations. An additional EMC filter is available for booksize modules to restrict emissions to within limits set by category C2(EN 61800-3) EMC regulations – however, a TN supply is required. The VSM10 provides a feed forward control signal of the actual supply voltage rather than requiring the ALM to detect and then react to any fluctuations in the DC bus. It  is used to operate a permanent-magnet synchronous machine without encoder with the requirement for switching to a machine which is already running (flying restart function).


The VSM10 features the following interfaces:

  • 1 connection for direct voltage sensing up to 690 V
  • 1 connection for voltage sensing using voltage transformers, maximum voltage 100 V
  • 1 temperature sensor input (KTY84‑130 or PTC)
  • 1 DRIVE-CLiQ socket
  • 1 connection for the electronics power supply via the 24 V DC supply connector
  • 1 plug-in jumper for either grounded (delivery state) or isolated measurement
  • 1 PE connection

The status of the VSM10 Voltage Sensing Module is indicated by a two-color LED. The VSM10 Voltage Sensing Module can be snapped onto a TH 35 mounting rail according to EN 60715 (IEC 60715). Below is a wiring diagram for the the VSM10:

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