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Modicon 140CPS11420 – Product Spotlight

The Schneider Electric / Modicon 140CPS11420 is a Power Supply Module in the Quantum automation platform. It can use a summable or standalone power supply type. The module has an internal output overvoltage and overload protection. It comes in a standard module format and weights 0.65 kg. When in a standalone configuration, the 140CPS11420 uses a maximum current of 11 amps. In a summable configuration, the module has a maximum current of 20 amps. Its internal power dissipation is less than 12 watts at a full load.

A normally closed relay contact rated at 220 volts AC, 6 amp / 30 volts DC, 5A is available on terminals 1 and 2 of the power terminal strip. This contact set may be used to signal input power Off. The relay will de-energize when input power drops below 70 volts AC, when the input voltage is set to 115 volts AC, or 140 volts AC when the input is set to 230 volts AC. Its output to the Bus is 5.1 volts DC. No minimum current is required. The module’s input frequency can range from 47 – 63 Hz. the 140CPS11420’s input voltage total harmonic distortion is less than 10% of the fundamental root mean square value. The input power interruption is no less than 1 second when in a 1/2 cycle at full load, and at the minimum rated line voltage and frequency.

Remove the power line prior to insertion or removal of the module.Use only compatible combinations of summable and standalone power supplies in the Quantum back plane as stated above. If these precautions are not taken, serious injury and/or equipment damage could occur.

MRO Electric and Supply Company stocks new and refurbished 140CPS11420 modules.  For more information or to request a quote, call 800-691-8511 or email sales@mroelectric.com.


Modicon Quantum Product Overview

Modicon Quantum

Modicon Quantum Product Overview

A modular, flexible architecture and an extensive range of networks and Fieldbus communication devices combine to make Modicon Quantum an ideal automation platform for continuous or semi-continuous industrial processes, as well as for large infrastructures.

The product of more than 25 years experience in the field of redundancy systems, Modicon Quantum is the perfect solution for applications that require high control system availability. This offer is therefore inherently suited to critical applications, such as petrochemicals, metals, cement, energy, tunnels, airports and water treatment. It can be used in many fields from Food & Beverage to the pharmaceutical industry. Certified by TUV Rheinland Group and IEC61508 complaint, some modules of the Modicon Quantum can be used in applications where functional safety is necessary. A configuration which combines functional safety and redundancy is also available.

This automation platform provides unrivalled treatment capacity together with an expandable memory size. It can receive the complete project, deal with very complex data structures, time and date stamping of diagnostics information as well as storage of recipes and traceability of information.

A Modicon Quantum automation platform configuration uses the following product families: Rack, Power supply, Central processing unit, Communication, Input/Output, Analogue, and Metering. The representative configuration selected consists of the following 15 modules mounted on a 16 slot rach 140XBP01600: 140CPU67161, 140CPS11420, 140ACI04000, 140ACO02000, 140ACO13000, 140ATI03000, 140CRP93200, 140DAI54000, 140DDI35300, 140DDI84100, 140DDO35300, 140DRA84000, 140ERT85410, 140NOE77101, 140XBE10000.

The environmental impact of this referenced configurations is representative of the impacts of the other possible configurations for which the same technology is used. The environmental analysis was performed in conformity with ISO 14040 “Environmental management: Life cycle assessment – Principle and framework”. This analysis takes the stages in the life cycle of the product into account.

MRO Electric and Supply has new and refurbished Modicon parts available including the Modicon Quantum series. We also offer repair pricing. For more information, please call 800-691-8511 or email sales@mroelectric.com