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Replacing Fanuc C Series Servo Amplifiers with α Series Servo Amplifiers

If you experience a system failure due to a Fanuc C series servo amplifier, (A06B-6066-H002, H003 etc.) you may feel like your only option is to replace it with the same exact unit. However Fanuc also offers the α series servo amplifiers which features improvements over the C series. In most cases you can replace your C series servo amplifier with the α series servo amplifier that has the identical final four numbers of the C series model number. The chart below outlines this:

The advantages of replacing your C series amplifier with an α series amplifier are:

  • A built in power supply
  • A second interface, type B, as well as the more conventional type A interface
  • Updated power device, intelligent power module, to reduce power loss and increasing reliability

α series amplifiers are also designed with the same dimensions as the C series so that you can install them into your current system easier.

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