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Repairing your Modicon Magelis HMI

Any amount of downtime is too much for most companies. Parts will break from time to time, and repairs will be necessary. Here at MRO Electric and Supply we are dedicated to providing the best service making sure that your downtime is minimal. Human Interface Terminals(HMIs) are a crucial part of any automation process nowadays, so it is important to make sure it is working correctly. Along with selling both new and remanufactured products, MRO Electric and Supply offers both repair and exchange services.

modicon hmi

Modicon was the first manufacturer to release programmable logic controllers onto the market, and since have been one of the top brands for PLC’s. MRO Electric and Supply have all the parts necessary to run the Magelis HMI at it full potential, including panels, cables, controllers, adapters and any software that may be needed. Along with repairs, we handle installations and programming of drives and controllers so that you don’t have to.

We also offer the option to retrofit your old machines with newer interfaces for the most up-to-date applications and processes. By fitting existing HMI’s with new interfaces you are able to add years to the life span of your automation set up. It is a lot easier to update and fix your existing displays and HMIs than taking the time and money to purchase and fit new parts.

All of our repairs come with a 12 month guarantee. Our repair service is based on doing the right job, and getting your part back to you as soon as possible. Every part we refurbish is tested to make sure they work the way they are supposed to. Our factory-trained technicians have many years working with Modicon products.

For a free Modicon Magelis HMI repair quote, please email sales@mroelectric.com or call 800-691-8511.  For more information on our Modicon repair capabilities, you can visit our Modicon Repair page.

Enhance System Performance with Modicon Quantum I/O Modules

Substation I/O modules for direct 125 Vdc control
Quantum I/O modules are available for direct connection to critical 125 Vdc battery powered equipment such as circuit breakers, protective relays, transformers and capacitor banks.

  • Built-in high transient noise immunity ensures reliable operation in harsh 125 V DC environments.
  • The 125 Vdc 30A high current output module eliminates expensive high current interposing relays used in breaker tripping and closure.
  • The solid-state 125 Vdc low current output module ensures long life and trouble-free operation in higher frequency 125 Vdc switching environments without the use of expensive external snubbing circuitry.
  • Over-current/ short circuit diagnostics and protection on all solid state 125 Vdc outputs reduce downtime by ensuring quick identifi- cation of circuit prob- lems and fast repair.

Latch/Interrupt module for time critical applications
The Quantum Latch/ Interrupt module is a multi-purpose high speed input, latch,
and interrupt module combined, which is configurable through programming software. Interrupt handling instructions are part of the 984 Ladder Logic instruction set. Quantum throughput performance for 2 interrupts is typically 1ms.
High speed counters don’t miss a pulse
Quantum high speed counter modules, such as the 140EHC10500, have the ability to count pulses at speeds much faster than the Quantum controller can directly do by itself. These modules automatically report the current count to the Quantum controller every scan.

Simple ASCII exchanges
The Quantum ASCII module is a general purpose ASCII interface that provides the ability to communicate and ex- change data with devices including printers, bar code readers and scanners, weigh scales, and meters. This module is designed for relatively simple point to point ASCII communications, with ASCII messages stored inside the module triggered by logic within the Quantum controller.

Modicon 140CRA31200 RIO Drop E/IP Adapter – Product Spotlight

The 140CRA31200 is a Ethernet RIO drop adapter in the Modicon Quantum series. It has 3 ports and uses the Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP communication port protocol. It can handle two integrated connection types: the Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP through the service port or through the device network. It is compatible with the 140CRP31200.

The 140CRA31200 has a number of local signalling channels. 1 green LED for RUN, 1 green/red LED for module status, 1 green/red LED for network communication status, and 1 red LED for I/O. This adapter module consumes one slot in the main (first) rack of the in Quantum remote drops. The extended (second) rack in a Quantum remote I/O drop does not require an adapter.

To set the location of the Ethernet remote I/O drop on the network, use the rotary switches on the front of the 140CRA31200 before you apply power to the module and before you download the application. The values that are set are applied during a power cycle. If the switch settings are change after the module has powered up, the Mod Status LED is activated and a mismatch message is logged in the module’s diagnostic system.

Because new values on the rotary switches are implemented on at the next power cycle, it is recommended that you set the values before starting the module. Valid values are from 00 to 159. These rotary switches can be manipulated on the 140CRA31200 with a small flat tipped screwdriver, and no software is required to configure or enable the rotary switches. Do not use the Stored and Clear IP settings on the Ones rotary switch, and keep in mind that the functionality of these settings do not apply to remote I/O installations.

MRO Electric and Supply carries new and refurbished Modicon 140CRA31200. For more product information or to request  quote, email sales@mroelectric.com or call 800-691-8511.


Magelis HMIGTO5310 Touch Panel – Product Spotlight

The HMIGTO5310 (HMI-GTO-5310) is a Modicon Magelis GTO advanced touchscreen panel. It features a 10.4 inch display with a 96 MB flash memory. The panel uses an external power supply of 24 Volts DC, and has a lithium battery for internal RAM. It’s back light lifespan is 50,000 hours at 25 °C. Using an SDHC or SD card, one can add up to 32 GB of data storage to the HMIGTO5310. It also has an internal RAM of 512 kB used to back up data. Using either the panel’s software or its touch panels, a user can control 16 different levels of screen brightness.

The HMIGTO5310 weights precisely 2 kg. It measures 272.5 x 214.5 x 57 mm (W x H x D).  The HMIGTO5310 can be mounted by using 4 screw clamps with flush mounting.

The HMIGTO5310 supports a large number of downloadable protocols, including the Modbus TCP, Siemens Simatic, Rockwell Automation / Allen Bradley, Omron Sysmac, Mitsubish Melsec, FIPWAY, Modbus Plus, Uni-TE, and Modbus. The panel supports a number of integrated connection types, some of which include the Ethernet RJ45, the USB 2.0 ports, COM2 serial links, and a COM1 serial link.  When using the COM2 serial interface, be aware that the serial port is not isolated. The signal ground and frame ground terminals are connected inside the panel. There is risk of electric shock if precautions are not taken. When using the signal ground terminal to connect an external device to the panel, verify that a short circuit loop was not created when you set up the system. Connect the #8 signal ground terminal to remote equipment when the host PLC unit is not isolated. Connect the #8 signal ground terminal to a known reliable ground connection to reduce the risk of damaging the circuit.

When setting up RS-485 communication, the cable diagram for some equipment may require polarization on the terminal side. This terminal does not require any special setting as it handles polarization automatically.

MRO Electric and Supply stocks HMIGTO5310 panels. For more information or to request a quote, please contact us at 800-691-8511 or at sales@mroelectric.com.

140ACI04000: Beyond the User Manual

The Modicon Quantum 140ACI04000 analog input module provides 16 channels. Each channel is individually configurable for a 0…25 mA, 0…20mA, or 4…20mA signal.

The 140ACI04000 module has broken wire detection in the 4…20mA current mode.

A Quantum removable terminal strip, part number 140XTS00200, is used to allow for easy maintenance. The terminal strip is connected with two screws and can easily be used with any of the Input-Output modules in the Quantum series.

All Quantum I/O modules, including the 140ACI04000, are optically isolated from the bus, ensuring safe and trouble-free operation. This isolation also allows modules to be hot swapped.

Optionally, you can insert mechanical keys between the I/O module and the terminal strip to ensure that the terminal strip to ensure the field wiring and module type are properly matched. Key codes are unique for each module type, and the key kits are shipped with each I/O module.

As an option, modules can be ordered with a conformal coating, which changes the part number to 140ACI04000C. This coating protects the module’s internal circuitry from corrosive gases such as Chlorine, Nitric Oxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Sulfur Dioxide.

To get more info, you can visit the product page here. To get price and availability you can email sales@mroelectric.com or call 1-800-691-8511.

140ACI04000 LED Diagnostic
140ACI04000 LED Diagnostic

140ACI03000: Beyond the User Manual

The Quantum 140ACI03000 Analog Input Module provides (8) differential analog input channels. Each channel is individually configurable for a 1 … 5 VDC or 4 … 20 mA signal.
This module has broken wire detection in current mode and under voltage in voltage mode. A Quantum removable terminal strip allows for easy maintenance.
Quantum backplanes (ordered separately) come in 2,3,4,6,10, and 16 slot versions. Any Quantum module can be used in any slot. A Quantum power supply is required in each rack. The power supply provides logic power to all modules on the bus, including the 140ACI03000.

All Quantum I/O modules are optically isolated from the bus, ensuring safe and trouble-free operation. This isolation also allows modules to be hot swapped.

Optionally, you can insert mechanical keys between the I/O module and
the terminal strip to ensure that the field wiring and the module type are
properly matched. Key codes are unique for each module type. Key kits are shipped with each I/O module. As an option, modules can be ordered with a conformal coating applied
to protect the internal circuitry from corrosive gases such as Chlorine, Nitric Oxide, Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfur Dioxide.
You can visit our product page for the 140ACI03000 here. To order you can email sales@mroelectric.com here or call 1-800-691-8511.


AS-BDAU-204: Beyond the User Manual

The Modicon AS-BDAU-204 is a 4-channel analog output module which is designed to control adjustable frequency drives, positioning valves, dampers, etc. Each channel is independently configurable to provide either voltage or current loop output.

For proper operation the module requires power from an external source (250mA @ 24VDC). When an external source is NOT used the module pulls power from the internal bus and gives a false reading. Do not leave this module unpowered in the rack.
The ASBDAU204 module features open current loop (broken wire) detection with warnings via LED’s and accessible registers. The ASBDAU204 can be configured to hold last value in the event communication to the CPU is lost for more than 1 second, the CPU is stopped or power is lost.
There is an Amber LED on the front of the module that flashes to indicate a module fault. A Green LED at the top front of the module indicates the readiness of the module. A Green LED at each channel will remain on or flash quickly as data is sent over the channel. In
current mode a Red LED at each channel indicates an open current loop (broken wire) or a high loop impedance (>500Ω) is detected.
For more info you can visit our website here. To get ASBDAU204 pricing and availability you can email sales@mroelectric.com or call 1-800-691-8511.

140CPU53414B: Manual Overview and Price of Replacement

The Modicon Quantum 140CPU53414B is a Schneider Electric CPU module which is supported by Concept and ProWORX software. The CPU can also be used with Unity by upgrading the exec file. This CPU is currently at the forefront of the Quantum series and one of the more popular CPUs for many PLC systems.

On the front of the 140CPU53414B there are two switches, a three-position slide switch and a three-position key switch. The slide switch is used to select the comm parameter settings for the Modbus RS-232 ports. Setting the slide switch to the top position assigns ASCII functionality to the port.

We will be continuing a series with more info on the 140CPU53414B along with troubleshooting info the the CPU, as anyone who has had their CPU go down knows the price of their line being out of commission. For more technical data you can check out the PDFs on our site that include the manual for the Quantum series.

We have the product page for this CPU here. To get pricing and order info you can email sales@mroelectric.com or call 1-800-691-8511.


Modicon 140CPU53414B CPU – Obsolete

The Schneider Electric Modicon 140CPU53414B CPU is one of the main CPUs of the Quantum Series. It is no long in production from Schneider, but we do still have new and refurbished units available. To make sure this is the CPU is the one for your system we have the notes and overview below.

– The 140CPU53414B is functionally identical to the non-B version, however the following must be considered:
– If you are using the CPU in a hot standby system, you must use either two non-A versions, two A versions, or two B versions.     – The B version required a new flash exec.
– The B version, A version, and non-A flash execs are not interchangeable.
– Schneider software (Concept, ProWorx, and Modsoft) supports the B version.

CPU Module – The following shows the 140CPU53414B CPU module and its components

The following table shows the specifications for the 140CPU53414B CPU

The following figure shows the LED indicators

The following table shows the run LED error codes for the 140CPU53414B

For more info about the  140CPU53414B along with the other Quantum CPUs we carry you can visit our site here. To get a quote you can email sales@mroelectric.com or call 1-800-691-8511.

Modicon Quantum PLC Overview

The Modicon Quantum PLCs provide well-balanced CPUs able to provide leading performance from boolean to floating-point instruction.

  • Unity Pro programming software supports five IEC languages as standard: IEC Ladder (LD), Structured Text (ST), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Sequential Function Chart (SFC), and Instructional List (IL), as well as the Modicon LL984 language to facilitate installed base upgrades.
  • High-level multitasking system
  • Memory capacity up to 7 Mb using Personal Computer Memory Card International Association(PCMCIA) extensions.
  • Specially designed for process control applications with conformal coated modules and an extensive catalogue of partner modules
  • Safety processors and I/O modules to manage Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).
  • Plug & Play high-performance Hot-Standby solutions with LCD keypad for local monitoring
  • Adheres to open standards for communications including Ethernet Modbus® TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP (the new ODVA standard for EtherNet/IP™ incorporates Modbus TCP/IP), Profibus and others.
  • Numerous built-in ports (USB port, Ethernet TCP/IP port with Web server, Modbus Plus and at least one Modbus serial port) on the front panel
  • In-rack connectivity to Profibus® DP
  • Embedded Ethernet Router
  • Increase the availability of your architecture by using Quantum Ethernet I/O modules (QEIO) that support deterministic Remote I/O (RIO)
  • The Modicon X80 I/O expands your architecture and easily integrates your distributed devices in the same network (such as HMI, variable speed drives, I/O islands…)
  • Supports the Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART), the protocol for sending and receiving digital information across analog wires between smart devices and a control or monitoring system

Choose performance
Offering a large range of processors, Modicon Quantum is ideal for complex processes. The power of its processors results in optimum cycle times, while integrating even more communication functions, diagnostics, memory flexibility and data storage. The Quantum Safety system is now available, certified by TÜV Rheinland, simple to use and ready to be integrated in your automated system.

More flexibility
Choose the best topology, daisy chain loop, ring, star, bus… for the design of your Ethernet architecture.

Higher availability
Hot-standby CPUs and daisy chain loop topology improve the availability of your process. In the event that the cable is broken, the recovery time is less than 50 ms for an entire Quantum Ethernet I/O architecture.

Visit our website for more information on Modicon Quantum modules or email sales@mroelectric.com.