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Diagnosing your FANUC Current Alarm

If you are getting a high current alarm on your FANUC motor, it is going to be caused by either the motor itself, the drive, or a cable. To begin the process of figuring out which alarm you are receiving you must disconnect the leads from the motor. Try powering it up and look to see if the alarm LED is lit. Fanuc alarms include the HC LED, alarm 8/9/A/B for Servo motors, and alarm 12 for Spindle motors.

  • If you no longer are seeing an alarm, the motor is most likely bad.
  • If you have powered the motor and are receiving the alarm, the issue is most likely with the drive.

Because you have disconnected the leads from the motor, you are able to use an ohm meter/megger to monitor the power levels of the cable and motor, and make sure they are working as intended. Using a megger will help you decide if your motor is grounded correctly where an ohm reader will let you know if your motor has shorted.

Using your ohm meter check for shorts both leg-to-leg and leg-to-ground on each of the legs. The leg-to-leg readings should be consistently low between every leg while the leg-to-ground readings will stay open. The megger is used to check between the leg and ground to see if the problem could be with the terminal box on the motor or any cables connected to it.

Sometimes you may not have the necessary equipment to make a diagnosis on your motor, but we do. MRO Electric and Supply offers high quality repair services on all motors so you don’t have to worry about it. Check out our website to see all available brands and parts we can service for you.

MRO Electric and Supply has new and refurbished FANUC CNC parts available. We also offer repair pricing. For more information, please call 800-691-8511 or email sales@mroelectric.com.

Fanuc Motor Safety Procedures and Tips

We have people ask about best practices for working with Fanuc motors all the time, so here are some Fanuc Motor Safety Procedures and Tips. For more info you can check out  all of our Fanuc products or email us at sales@mroelectric.com.
When working with servo motors:
•NEVER pick up or carry the motor by the cables or the shaft. (Always carry by the frame.) Use a crane or lift to move the motor when necessary.
•NEVER drop or subject the motor to impact. The servo motor is a precision device.
•NEVER set heavy or sharp objects on the motor or cables. Do not step or sit on the motor or cables.
•NEVER use a metal hammer on any part of the motor. If it is absolutely necessary to use a hammer, use a plastic hammer.
Keep the motor properly secured and away from the edge of the work area when servicing the motor, as a dropped motor could

cause personal injury or destroy the motor

Basic Motor Safety, Procedures, and Best Practices
• Be safely dressed when handling a motor.
Wear safety shoes and gloves. Avoid loose clothing which can get caught
on the motor. Be careful not to let hair get caught in the rotary section of the motor. Do not handle the motor with wet hands.
• Shut off the power before working on a motor. Wait at least 5 minutes after the motor is shut off before touching any
power terminals.
• Always use the correct cables. Centroid cables are shown in the motor compatibility table. Wiring diagrams and pin outs
for motors are provided in Appendix B.
• Ensure that the motor and motor related components are mounted securely. Ensure that the base or frame to which the
motor is mounted to is strong enough.
• Do not touch the rotary section of the motor when it is running unless instructed to.
• When attaching a component having inertia to the motor, ensure any imbalance between the motor and component is minimized.
• Be sure to attach a key to a motor with a keyed shaft.
• Use the motor in appropriate environmental conditions. Do not store flammables in close proximity to the motor. When
not in use, store the motor in a dry location between 0° to 40° C.
• Do not remove the nameplate from a motor

Fanuc A06B-0075-B503 Motor Product Video

Here is a video of one of the many Fanuc AC motors that we have in stock,  and this one is the Fanuc A06B-0075-B503 Motor. This is an AC Fanuc motor that has a brake and a keyway already installed. At 22.85lbs and 8.1 X 15.3 X 6.5 inches, this is one of the smaller motors that Fanuc manufactures. The motor in the video is brand new and comes in the original factory packaging, we only took it out of the packaging to get a video of it. If you are looking to get your old motor repaired, we do also offer a repair service for these AC motors with a standard turnaround of 3-5 days.

If you’re also trying to figure out if your motor is bad you can check out this other blog post that we put up to show some basic steps for testing your motor. The page is here, it has some useful steps to go through to confirm that your motor is causing your problem.

MRO Electric and Supply maintains a comprehensive stock of new and used FANUC CNC and FANUC Robots parts. If you need a FANUC replacement part, please call 800-691-8511 or email sales@mroelectric.com.