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ATS48 Soft Start Troubleshooting and Introduction

The Altistart 48(ATS48) series of soft starters by Square D and Schneider Electric allows for consistent start/stop rates that are independent of motor loads. These devices are more advanced than the standard drives that cannot control the applied motor torque. Featuring contact wiring and control, the soft starter allows for near-seamless integration with existing operations. Many preset parameters are included with the device and they cover a large spectrum of operations. Additional parameters may also be loaded up to meet specific needs. Available power ratings include:

  • 3 – 200 HP @ 208VAC, 60 Hz
  • 5 – 250 HP @ 230VAC, 60 Hz
  • 10 – 500 HP @ 460VAC, 60 Hz
  • 15 – 600 HP @ 575VAC, 60Hz

The ATS48 series features a dual configuration of two motors which allows for a cascaded start/stop in many operations. Using the Torque Control System(TCS) the unit can minimize wear on gears which allows for less time servicing the unit.

The Altistart 48 series takes advantage of the PowerSuite™ software for programming of your drive or soft starter.  With this software, you will be able to monitor and document all of your operations. Configurations are easily saved via hard disk, CD-ROM, flash memory, etc. Using Ethernet technology, the user is able to configure and monitor operations on the go, and a constant feed of information allows for real-time opportunity to modify and adjust configuration files on the fly.

Troubleshooting can be an issue for people when so many different things are going on. It just isn’t feasible to stop operations every time an error occurs. Below is a list of fault codes for the ATS48 Soft Start series that will help determine most issues:

Fault CodeDescription
Soft start without run command and:
• Line power not supplied
• Line power supplied
tbSStarting time delay not elapsed
HEAMotor preheating in progress
(Use SUP menu to set up monitoring
parameter. Factory setting: Motor Current.)
Soft start with run command
brLSoft start braking
StbWaiting for a command (RUN or STOP) in
cascade mode
CFF Invalid configuration on power-up
CFI Invalid configuration
CLFLoss of Control Power
EEFInternal memory fault
EtFExternal fault
ErFLine frequency out of tolerance
InFInternal fault
LrFLocked rotor fault
OCFOvercurrent fault
OHFSoft start overheating fault
OLCCurrent overload fault
OLFMotor overload/ground fault
OtFMotor thermal fault detected by PTC probes
PHFLoss of line or motor phase
PIFPhase reversal fault
SLFSerial link fault
StFExcessive starting time
ULFMotor underload fault
USFLack of AC line power on a run command

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Schneider 140CPU11302 Troubleshooting LED Error Codes


When troubleshooting the Schneider Electric 140CPU11302 Module, it’s important to know the number of times the Run LED blinks for each type of error, along with the crash codes possible for that group. All the crash codes are in hexadecimal form for this particular module. The list of possible LED Descriptions and Error Codes are as follows:

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Software for Programming Modicon Quantum PLCs

modicon quantum

Software for Programming Modicon Quantum PLCs

Question: Is it possible to program the Telemecanique 140-CPU-651-50/651-60/671-60 with Concept 2.6?
Can you use Unity software for programming Modicon Quantum 140-CPU-434-12A/534-14A PLCs?

Answer: The 140CPU651xx and 140CPU671xx controllers can only be programmed with the Unity Software. The 140CPU671xx will require UNITY Version 2.0

The existing 140CPU43412A and 140CPU53414A can be programmed with Unity once the kernel and executive firmware have been updated with the Unity OS Loader. (These controllers require a minimum of PV04 for the Unity upgrade.)

As both the 140 CPU 434 12A and 534 14A Quantum CPUs are compatible with Concept or ProWORX software, they can be upgraded to be compatible with the Unity Pro software without any hardware modification. This process of migrating from Concept to Unity Pro is achieved by updating the CPU operating system. This update is performed with the aid of the OS-Loader tool included with Unity Pro. The 2 upgraded processors (140 CPU 434 12U/534 14U) are then equivalent to the corresponding Unity processors.

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Modicon Quantum Product Overview

Modicon Quantum

Modicon Quantum Product Overview

A modular, flexible architecture and an extensive range of networks and Fieldbus communication devices combine to make Modicon Quantum an ideal automation platform for continuous or semi-continuous industrial processes, as well as for large infrastructures.

The product of more than 25 years experience in the field of redundancy systems, Modicon Quantum is the perfect solution for applications that require high control system availability. This offer is therefore inherently suited to critical applications, such as petrochemicals, metals, cement, energy, tunnels, airports and water treatment. It can be used in many fields from Food & Beverage to the pharmaceutical industry. Certified by TUV Rheinland Group and IEC61508 complaint, some modules of the Modicon Quantum can be used in applications where functional safety is necessary. A configuration which combines functional safety and redundancy is also available.

This automation platform provides unrivalled treatment capacity together with an expandable memory size. It can receive the complete project, deal with very complex data structures, time and date stamping of diagnostics information as well as storage of recipes and traceability of information.

A Modicon Quantum automation platform configuration uses the following product families: Rack, Power supply, Central processing unit, Communication, Input/Output, Analogue, and Metering. The representative configuration selected consists of the following 15 modules mounted on a 16 slot rack 140XBP01600: 140CPU67161, 140CPS11420, 140ACI04000, 140ACO02000, 140ACO13000, 140ATI03000, 140CRP93200, 140DAI54000, 140DDI35300, 140DDI84100, 140DDO35300, 140DRA84000, 140ERT85410, 140NOE77101, 140XBE10000.

The environmental impact of this referenced configurations is representative of the impacts of the other possible configurations for which the same technology is used. The environmental analysis was performed in conformity with ISO 14040 “Environmental management: Life cycle assessment – Principle and framework”. This analysis takes the stages in the life cycle of the product into account.

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Why Choose Modicon Quantum?

Modicon Quantum

Why Choose Modicon Quantum?

The Modicon Quantum series is manufactured by Schneider Electric and is a PLC system for process applications and high availability solutions. The quantum series provides well-balanced CPU’s that are able to provide leading performance from Boolean to floating point instruction. The CPUs have 5 IEC languages as standard, which include LD, ST, FBD, SFC, and IL the Modicon LL984 language to facilitate installed base migration. Schneider Electric’s Quantum CPUs are able to work at a high-level multitasking, which is aided by their memory capacity of up to 7 Mb using PCMCIA extensions. These PLCs are specially shaped for process control applications with conformally coated modules, and an extensive catalog of partner modules which allows them to be used in a range of environments. In order to manage safety integrated systems, safety processors and I/O modules help to complete the series. There are also options for plug and play high-performance Hot-Standby solutions with LCD keypad for local monitoring for ease of use. These Hot-Standby solutions have numerous built-in ports, which include a USB port, Ethernet TCP/IP port with a Web server, Modbus Plus and at least one Modbus serial port on the front panel. The Modicon Quantum series utilizes in-rack connectivity to Profibus-DP and an embedded Ethernet router for easy communications. If you need to increase the availability of your architecture the CRA and CRP Quantum Ethernet I/O modules (QEIO) are available. Thanks to the Modicon X80 drops, expand your architecture and integrate easily your distributed devices on the same network, such as HMI, variable speed drives, I/O islands and more.

There are many benefits to using the Modicon Quantum series over other similar PLC systems available in the market today. The Quantum series offers a large range of processors which are ideal for complex processes. The power of its processors results in optimum cycle times while integrating ever more communications functions, diagnostics, memory flexibility, and data storage. The Quantum Safety system is also now available, certified TUV Rheinland, which is simple to use and ready to be integrated into your automated system. The Quantum series has more flexibility which allows you to choose the best topology, daisy chain loop, ring, star, bus, etc. for the design of your Ethernet architecture. This flexibility allows for higher availability, which is aided by the Hot-standby CPUs and daisy chain loop topology which improve the availability of your process. In the case of cable fails, the recovery time is less than 50 ms for an entire Quantum Ethernet I/O architecture. The applications of the Modicon Quantum PLCs include process control, safety, infrastructure and many more.

MRO Electric and Supply has new and refurbished Modicon Quantum products available. We also offer repair pricing. For more information, please call 800-691-8511 or email sales@mroelectric.com.