Timeline, CPUs and Programming of the Modicon PLC Series

The Modicon PLC Series has been around for almost 40 years at this point, from the 484 series to the M340 series. The timeline below lists the CPU part numbers, the years they were sold, and what they are programmed with. For more info you can visit our series page here or email sales@mroelectric.com.

Modicon 484
CPU Part Number: AS-C484-xxx
Actively Sold: 1977-1983
Programmed With: P190 programmer

Modicon 584
CPU Part Number: AS-584A-xxx, AS-584M-xxx, AS-584L-xxx
Actively Sold: 1979-1984
Programmed With: Modsoft, ProWorx Plus/Nxt/32 Software

Modicon 984 Chassis Mount
CPU Part Number: P1-984X-008, Px-984A-xxx, Px-984B-xxx
Actively Sold: 1985-1999
Programmed With: ProWorx Plus/Nxt/32 and Modsoft Software

Modicon 984 Slot Mount
CPU Part Number: PC-A984-3xx, PC-D984-xxx, PC-K984-xxx
Actively Sold: 1987-2006
Programmed With: ProWorx Plus/Nxt/32 and Modsoft Software

Modicon Compact 984
CPU Part Number: PC-A984-xxx, PC-E984-2xx
Actively Sold: 1991-2007
Programmed With: Modsoft, ProWorx Plus/Nxt/32, Concept software

Modicon Micro
CPU Part Number: 110CPU311xx, 110CPU411xx, 110CPU512xx, 110CPU612xx
Actively Sold: 1996-2006
Programmed With: Modsoft, ProWorx Plus/Nxt/32 software

Modicon Quantum
CPU Part Number: 140CPUxxxxx
Actively Sold: 1994 to present
Programmed With: ProWorx 32, Concept, Unity software

Modicon Premium
CPU Part Number: TPCX57xxxx, TSXP57xxxx
Actively Sold: 1998 to present
Programmed With: PL7 or Unity software

Modicon Momentum
CPU Part Number: 171CCC7xxxx, 171CCS7xxxx, 171CCC9xxxx
Actively Sold: 1998 to present
Programmed With: ProWorx, Concept software

Modicon M340
CPU Part Number: BMXP341000, BMXP342010, BMXP342020, BMX342030
Actively Sold: 2007 to present
Programmed With: Unity V3.0 software

372SPU47401V26 Concept XL Software – Product Video

Below is a video of the 372SPU47401V26 Concept XL Software which is use for programming Schneider Electric PLCs. This package comes with the discs and license to install 1 work stations with this Concept software. This software can be used to program Modicon Compact (service only), Modicon Momentum, and Modicon Quantum. It can be used on MS Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 2000.   We have this software in stock, for more product info email sales@mroelectric.com or call 800-691-8511.

Software for Programming Modicon Quantum PLCs

modicon quantum

Software for Programming Modicon Quantum PLCs

Question: Is it possible to program the Telemecanique 140-CPU-651-50/651-60/671-60 with Concept 2.6?
Can you use Unity software for programming Modicon Quantum 140-CPU-434-12A/534-14A PLCs?

Answer: The 140CPU651xx and 140CPU671xx controllers can only be programmed with the Unity Software. The 140CPU671xx will require UNITY Version 2.0

The existing 140CPU43412A and 140CPU53414A can be programmed with Unity once the kernel and executive firmware have been updated with the Unity OS Loader. (These controllers require a minimum of PV04 for the Unity upgrade.)

As both the 140 CPU 434 12A and 534 14A Quantum CPUs are compatible with Concept or ProWORX software, they can be upgraded to be compatible with the Unity Pro software without any hardware modification. This process of migrating from Concept to Unity Pro is achieved by updating the CPU operating system. This update is performed with the aid of the OS-Loader tool included with Unity Pro. The 2 upgraded processors (140 CPU 434 12U/534 14U) are then equivalent to the corresponding Unity processors.

MRO Electric and Supply maintains a comprehensive stock of new and used Modicon Quantum parts including Quantum CPUs. If you need a replacement part, please call 800-691-8511 or email sales@mroelectric.com.

Modicon Unity Pro Software for Quantum series

modicon quantum

Modicon Unity Pro Software for Quantum series

Modicon PLC Unity Pro Software upgrades are becoming increasingly popular for MRO Electric customers. We find ourselves quoting the software often, but before we can give you a price we need to know which version of the software is necessary for your purposes. That’s why we’ve created this blog post – the table below shows all the variations of part numbers for Unity Pro. Just find your part number and include it in your RFQ… we’ll have a price back to you in no time. Some common questions are answered at the bottom of this post.

If you’re upgrading from Concept, PL7 or ProWORX Modicon PLC, here’s the designation you should purchase based on the version of your current software:

  • From Concept S, PL7 Micro, ProWORX NxT Lite, and ProWORX 32 Lite purchase Unity Pro Small Version 7.0
  • From Concept S/M, PL7 M/J, ProWORX NxT Lite, and ProWORX 32 Lite purchase Unity Pro Medium Version 7.0
  • From Concept S/M, PL7 M/J/P, ProWORX NxT Lite, and ProWORX 32 Lite purchase Unity Pro Large Version 7.0
  • From all models Concept, PL7, ProWORX NxT and ProWORX 32 purchase Unity Pro Extra Large Version 7.0

Other notes:

Software Features:

  • “All-in-one” software
  • 5 IEC61131-3 languages
  • Customizable Function Block Library (DFB) integrated
  • Use the PLC simulator to validate your Program on a PC before installation
  • Full range of Online services

For product descriptions directly from Schneider Electric, check out this link: https://www.schneider-electric.com/en/product-range/548-ecostruxure%E2%84%A2-control-expert/?parent-category-id=3900&parent-subcategory-id=3950

MRO Electric and Supply has new and refurbished Modicon parts available including the Modicon Quantum series. We also offer repair pricing. For more information, please call 800-691-8511 or email sales@mroelectric.com