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Reloading Siemens Sinumerik Start-up Archive Files

Reloading Siemens Sinumerik Start-up Archive Files for the NC and PLC

1. Using OP, (Operator Panel) select hardkey Machine  then Menu select
Observe:  The main operating areas horizontal softkey menu appears.   Machine, Parameter, Program, Services, Diagnosis and Start-up.
2. Using OP, select softkey Services
Observe:  Current operating area is displayed at top left of display.
3. Using OP, select the hardkey  (etc…/extension of the softkey menu key).
Observe:  Horizontal softkey menu contains a key labeled Series start-up
NOTE: If softkey Series start-up does not appear then the password access rights need to be  set. See the procedure Setting Password Access rights Page 3.
4.     Using OP, select horizontal softkey Series start-up.
Observe:  Display shows ‘Create series startup archive’ window.
NOTE: If Display shows Read startup archive window, skip step 5
5. Using OP, select vertical softkey Read start-up archive
Observe:  A new window will appear, labeled Read Series Start-up Archive.
6. Using OP cursor keys highlight the appropriate NC or PLC archive file.
Note:  The backup files are created by the builder and / or end user and the specific name may vary.   Suggestion: Select a file which refers to the NC or PLC and has the most recent date
7. Using OP, press the vertical softkey Start.
Observe:  The window will shift to the Job Log display.  a. Answer the query ‘Do you wish to perform a series start-up?’  By pressing the               vertical softkey Yes.  b. A series of prompts will appear, telling you the status of the upload of the various    series start-up files from the NC archive.  c. The message ‘NC Reset – Please wait’ will now appear as many as 6 times. This is   normal.  d. The control will shift back to the Read Series Start-up Archive display.
8. If necessary, repeat steps 6 and 7, selecting the appropriate archive file, to load both the NC and the PLC.

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