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Common UNI1405 Fault Codes

Below is a table of common faults found within the Control Techniques Unidrive series, more specifically, the UNI1405. MRO Electric offers core credit on exchanges for new and refurbished units, and have a wide selection of option cards such as the UD51, UD73, and UD77. We also repair Unidrives in-house. Contact us if you are interested in finding a new machine so we can keep your downtime to a minimum!

HF81Software Error (odd address word)
HF82Large option module removed
HF83Power Board Code Failure
HF84Current Offset Trim Failure
HF85A to D failure (ES-CC step)
HF86Interrupt Watchdog failure
HF87Internal ROM check error
HF88Watchdog Failure
HF89Unused Interrupts (nmi as source)
HF90Stack Overflow
HF91Stack Underflow
HF92Software Error (undefined op code)
HF93Software Error (protection fault)
HF94Software Error (odd address word)
HF95Software Error (odd address inst.)
HF96Software Error (illegal ext bus)
HF97Level 1 Noise
HF98Interrupt Crash
HF99Level 1 Crash

UNI1405 Configuration and Setup

You can check out our previous blog post on the UNI1405 parameters and manual here with additional setup info. Check out our entire collection of Unidrives on our website.

With the UNI1405 configuration, the volts / frequency ratio must be kept constant to ensure rated torque is available from the motor over the frequency range. At low frequencies (from 0 Hz to ½ x Pr 5.06) the voltage is increased from this characteristic by a level governed by either the voltage boost parameter or the motor parameters (found during the stator resistance test) depending on whether the drive is in fixed boost or open loop vector mode as shown aside.

UNI1405 Motor Rated Power Factor

The power factor is found by the UNI1405 4kw during the autotune procedure. It is used in the open loop vector algorithm and to set the current limit levels for the torque producing (active) current.

Emerson UNI1405 4kw Motor Rated Speed

The motor rated speed parameter should be set to the synchronous speed of the motor minus the slip speed. This is often displayed on the motor nameplate. I.e. For a typical 18.5 kW, 50 Hz, 4 pole motor the motor rated speed is 1465 rpm. The synchronous speed for a 4 pole motor is 1500 rpm therefore the slip speed is 35 rpm Synchronous speeds for different numbers of poles are as follows:
2 pole = 3,000 rpm
4 pole = 1,500 rpm
6 pole = 1,000 rpm
8 pole = 750 rpm
The accuracy of this parameter is very important as it directly affects the torque produced at the shaft. Often the value given on the motor nameplate is not
100% accurate which can lead to a loss of torque.
For ordering info or a UNI1405 price you can call 1-800-691-8511 or email sales@mroelectric.com.

UNI1405 Configuration
UNI1405 Configuration

UNI1405 Manual Installation and Pricing

The Control Techniques UNI1405 Unidrive is a 5hp, 9.5A AC drive with a peak output of 9.6kHz. All of the Unidrives have a built-in encoder port which is ready to accept motor rotational feedback after installation. There are three option modules available to compliment or extend the range of motor speed / position feedback capabilities.  For additional info about the UNI1405 manual programming of the option modules you can check out our post about the UD73 option module here.

Each of these option modules creates a simulated encoder output as either line driven quadrature channels or as frequency / direction signals to facilitate follower applications.

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Unidrive Classic

Troubleshooting a Unidrive with Hardware Fault Trip Codes

unidrive trip codes

Troubleshooting a Unidrive with Hardware Fault Trip Codes

Unidrive Classics are going to trip at one time or another. Refer to this list of Unidrive trip codes next time your Uni1405 or other Unidrive is throwing a mysterious trip error.

HF81 – Software Error (odd address word)
HF82 – Large option module removed
HF83 – Power Board Code Failure
HF84 – Current Offset Trim Failure
HF85 – A to D failure (ES-CC step)
HF86 – Interrupt Watchdog failure
HF87 – Internal ROM check error
HF88 – Watchdog Failure
HF89 – Unused Interrupts (nmi as source)
HF90 – Stack Overflow
HF91 – Stack Underflow
HF92 – Software Error (undefined op code)
HF93 – Software Error (protection fault)
HF94 – Software Error (odd address word)
HF95 – Software Error (odd address inst.)
HF96 – Software Error (illegal ext bus)
HF97 – Level 1 Noise
HF98 – Interrupt Crash
HF99 – Level 1 Crash

A few notes on these Unidrive trip codes:

  • HF trips are internal hardware faults within the drive. Powering the drive down and re-applying power could clear the fault.
  • Resetting the drive will not clear a HF trip.
  • If a HF trip occurs, the Drive Healthy relay will open to indicate this
  • The serial communications will not function during a HF trip
  • The only HF trip that can be caused by the user is a HF82 trip where a
    large option module is removed while the drive is powered up.The drive should be powered down, the module re-fitted correctly and the power reapplied to clear the trip

MRO Electric and Supply has new and refurbished Control Techniques, parts available including the Control Techniques Unidrive Classic and Control Techniques Unidrive SP series. We also offer repair pricing. For more information, please call 800-691-8511 or email sales@mroelectric.com.