New or refurbished FANUC CNC controls come with a 1 year warranty. Save more with our core exchange program. We also offer repair for CNC controls. All FANUC parts are thoroughly inspected and tested by certified and experienced repair technicians. Focused on driving customers to be more efficient, profitable, and reliable, MRO Electric and Supply carries 2560 parts by Fanuc CNC.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
A06B-6078-H411RoboticsSpindle Modulecall for stock
A06B-6107-H005Robotics6 AXIS SERVO DRIVEcall for stock
A15L-0001-0104RoboticsPC104 DAUGHTER BOARD(DN3)call for stock
A97L-0218-0886#93RoboticsFANUC J2 Reducercall for stock
A13B-0157-K801RoboticsCable - FA writer A660-2002-T187call for stock
A97L-0218-0814#100CRoboticsFANUC J3 LR200iC/5WP, Harmonic Drivecall for stock
A13B-0126-C003RoboticsSocket Unitcall for stock
A97L-0218-0450#405040RoboticsFANUCcall for stock
A13B-0032-B371RoboticsPOSITION DISPLAYcall for stock
A97L-0218-0390#320E-129RoboticsRV Reducercall for stock
A06B-6400-H002RoboticsR-30iB SIX AXIS DRIVEcall for stock
A97L-0218-0382#320CA229RoboticsRV REDUCER RV-320CA-229.09 FOR J1call for stock
A97L-0218-0370#450-257RoboticsFANUC J2 Reducercall for stock
A06B-6081-H206RoboticsServo Drivecall for stock
A06B-6102-H122#H520RoboticsSPINDLE AMPLIFIER MODULEcall for stock
A97L-0218-0356#450E-257RoboticsFANUC J2-Axis Reducer R-2000iA/165EA,165EW, 200EWcall for stock
A06B-6096-H266RoboticsServo Drivecall for stock
A97L-0218-0342#110E-46RoboticsRV Reducer for J4 110E-46.7call for stock
A06B-6096-H222RoboticsServo Drivecall for stock
A97L-0218-0305#37RoboticsFANUC J3 RV Reducercall for stock
A06B-6090-H206RoboticsAlpha Servo Ampcall for stock
A06B-6089-H130RoboticsALPHA SERVO AMPcall for stock
A06B-6088-H122RoboticsServo Drivecall for stock
A06B-6083-H115RoboticsServo Drivecall for stock
A98L-0001-0195-300H075RoboticsBelt Z Axiscall for stock