New or refurbished FANUC CNC controls come with a 1 year warranty. Save more with our core exchange program. We also offer repair for CNC controls. All FANUC parts are thoroughly inspected and tested by certified and experienced repair technicians. Focused on driving customers to be more efficient, profitable, and reliable, MRO Electric and Supply carries 2560 parts by Fanuc CNC.

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Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
A06B-0315-B205#7000Automation10S SERIES RED CAP2 in stock


1 in stock
A660-8012-T571RoboticsCABLE K702 PULSE CODERcall for stock
A98L-0040-0016-420H200RoboticsBelt Theta Axiscall for stock
EE-4696-156-118RoboticsP500 18m CSCD-INTRCON Cablecall for stock
A06B-0603-B322RoboticsFANUC CNC - Robotics, Model 30H, ST, SLK, TACH, 2/ for stock
A98L-0040-0003#AUXRoboticsFANUC cable #A98L-0040-0003#AUX;Special order. for stock
A98L-0040-0187#0.4KGRoboticsShell Cassida Grease Eps2 0.4kcall for stock
A97L-0218-0978RoboticsFANUC J6 Reducercall for stock
A06B-0614-B032RoboticsFANUC CNC - Robotics, Model 5N, TPR, 2500 PULSEcall for stock
A660-8010-T173-L7R503RoboticsCable 7M RM1 STD B-CABcall for stock
A76L-0151-0098RoboticsFANUC Quad Differential Line Drivercall for stock
A97L-0218-0245#210RoboticsFANUC J2 Input Gearcall for stock
A98L-0001-0195-300L100GRoboticsBeltcall for stock
A97L-0218-0822#33RoboticsFANUC J1 Reducercall for stock
A660-8015-T058RoboticsCABLE K111 PULSECODE+EE CEcall for stock
WO-3780-123RoboticsEPS#FNC.BOP.BKT.HMMH CLMPS ASMcall for stock
XGMF-16443RoboticsCABLE FIBER OPTICAL 50M Old P/N: for stock
A97L-0218-0348#550F-253RoboticsFANUC Reducer M-900iA/350 /J2/J3call for stock
A98L-0001-0676RoboticsTEACH PENDANT OVERLAY {ISTP-VERSION 2.0}call for stock
A97L-0118-0338#250-129RoboticsDRIVE, RV {JOINT 1} W/INPUT GEARcall for stock
XGMF-23805RoboticsFANUC Aux Motor Brake Cable 20Mcall for stock
A06B-0602-B002RoboticsFANUC CNC - Robotics, Model 20N, ST, SLK, 3V TACH, for stock
A02B-0098-C199AutomationLADDER EDITING MODULEcall for stock
BK0-C1810-H01RoboticsBK0C1810H01call for stock