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4.9 Overall Satisfaction

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6/11/2020 Kamil
The overall experience was great! Very good customer service and quick response. Will definitely use MRO in the future and would strongly recommend to check them out
6/11/2020 Gabe
Solid customer service and quality product. Our tech had a question about the setup process for the servo and MRO was able to help walk us through the process by changing a few of the parameters in the control. Thanks for the help.
6/10/2020 Anonymous Customer
Overall, we had a good experience! The only suggestion would be to always include the repair summary in the delivery.
6/10/2020 BCI
Happy with the attention to detail and quality of the refurbished I/O modules we ordered.
6/9/2020 Takeya
We had a very positive experience ordering through MRO. Our maintenance supervisor found their website online when we were looking for a backup part to our lathe and we were able to get a formal quote for the part we needed. I called to place the order and had the comms module shipped directly to the machine builder to have it programmed. MRO was very accommodating and made the ordering process simple.
6/9/2020 T5
I called in after 5 and mro was still able to process my order by dropping it off at a UPS dropbox to go out overnight. We received the backup batteries early am delivery, thank you
6/9/2020 Anonymous Customer
Stocked two cable assemblies that I needed to finish a project. Met our deadline and even offered free 2 day shipping.
6/8/2020 Anonymous Customer
Great stock of parts, many older equipment that is hard to find these days. Easy search online and ordering was fast and efficient. Questions that I asked were answered extremely promptly and efficiently. I have already recommended company to others in my company.
6/8/2020 Bob
6/8/2020 Edgar
MRO quickly responded to our RFQ and had a formal quote sent on to us in minutes. I called in and spoke to Joe to confirm that the pcb could ship overnioght and then placed the order online. Highly reccomend working with MRO
6/8/2020 Colonel
MRO was able to find an outdated CPU for me at a great price with a 2 year warrantee. The service was fast and friendly, and the price was great. Thanks, ya'll!
6/8/2020 Sabre
I purchased 5 altivar drives from MRO for saturday delivery and it was one of the easiest orders I've placed. Meg helped take the order and made sure to have the tracking sent to us so we could coordinate the delivery with UPS. MRO gets two thumbs up from us!
6/8/2020 Mike
The company that we originally sent our motor to for repair was unable to get it working properly, so we send the motor to MRO in hopes that they would be able to get the job done. MRO turned it around in 2 days and when we got our motor back in it ran like new. We'll be going to MRO the first time around whenever we need another servo motor repaired.
6/5/2020 Brad
Fast and easy ordering process. Placed the order online through the quote that David sent me and had the tracking number sent to me a few hours.
6/5/2020 Rick
MRO had stock of the alpha drive we had fail in our machine and offered an exchange credit for our old unit too. They shipped on our UPS account and we sent the core back as soon as we installed the replacement. Thank you for making the process as easy as possible
6/4/2020 DXE
I found MRO online and had not ordered from them before, but they got back to me with a quote that was lower than the other prices we received. Joe sent pictures of the simatic panel to confirm they were sending the same one as what we had installed and everything matched up. Our line is now running with the replacement panel and we sent the old one back to MRO to be repaired.
6/4/2020 Holly
New ATV71 drive at a price much lower than the mfg. MRO had stock and was able to ship on our ups acct
6/4/2020 Industrial
MRO handled our order promptly and everyone I dealt with was very helpful. We had the tracking number sent to us within 30 minutes of placing the order so we were able to arrange a technician to install the panel in our machine. We highly recommend MRO
6/4/2020 Jon
Shipped out our order the same day we placed it and we had it in 2 days. Not much more you can ask for!
6/4/2020 Johnson
Thank you for processing our order quickly. The free 2 day shipping was appreciated, was not expecting to receive the servos as soon as we did.