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CIMR-PU4A0018FAADrive, AC, 10HP, 480V, 3PH, 17.5A, VT 120% Overloa...1 in stock
CIMR-PU4A0023FAA Drive, AC, 15HP, 480V, 3PH, 23A, VT 120% for stock
CIMR-PU4A0031FAADrive, AC, 20HP, 480V, 3PH, 31A, VT 120% Overload for stock
CIMR-PU4A0038FAADrive, AC, 25HP, 480V, 3PH, 38A, VT 120% Overload for stock
CIMR-PU4A0044FAADrive, AC, 30HP, 480V, 3PH, 44A, VT 120% Overload for stock
CIMR-PU4A0058FAADrive, AC, 40HP, 480V, 3PH, 58A, VT 120% Overload for stock
CIMR-PU4A0072FAADrive, AC, 50HP, 480V, 3PH, 72A, VT 120% Overload for stock
CIMR-PU4A0088FAADrive, AC, 60HP, 480V, 3PH, 88A, VT 120% Overload for stock
CIMR-PU4A0103FAADrive, AC, 75HP, 480V, 3PH, 103A, VT 120% for stock
CIMR-PU4A0139FAADrive, AC, 100HP, 480V, 3PH, 139A, VT 120% for stock
CIMR-PU4A0250AAADrive, AC, 200HP, 480V, 3PH, 250A, VT 120% for stock
CIMR-PU2A0004FAA200 to 240 Volts AC, 0.75 Horsepower1 in stock

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