Modicon Momentum PC Based PLCs

Modicon Momentum PLC
The small footprint and open architecture of the Modicon Momentum PLC product line make it extremely versatile for a variety of Unity™ Pro automation applications. Modicon Momentum PLC options and accessories include: I/O bases, processor adapters, option adapters and communication adapters that are interchangeable and snap together to deliver optimal flexibility throughout the control system life cycle.

The Modicon Momentum PLC offers:

  • IP 20 Monoblock I/O bases which provide the foundation for the rest of the Modicon Momentum control system and serve as the mounting base for communication adapters and processors. Over 30 I/O module types available: Analogue, Discrete, Multi-function, etc.
  • Processor Adapters:
    • Operate with a single local I/O module or in systems with up to 32 I/O modules
    • Built-in communication ports including, Ethernet Modbus™ TCP/IP or Modbus RS232/RS485 serial communication, USB and IO Bus
    • Perform functions including data acquisition, peer-to-peer communication, and I/O scanning. Embedded web pages enable the use of a standard web browser to read status and diagnostic information from the processor.
  • Communication Adapters snap into any of the I/O modules and include Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus™ Plus, FIPIO™, INTERBUS™, and PROFIBUS® DP.
  • The Modicon Momentum PLC also offers selected I/O bases, processors, and communication modules with conformal coating – ideal for applications with harsh or humid environments that require a small footprint.

Modicon Momentum Unity CPU
The Modicon Momentum Unity™ CPU allows the simple upgrade that helps you increase the capacity and efficiency of your legacy Modicon Momentum application in a cost-effective way. The Modicon Momentum Unity CPU enables you to standardize and manage your controllers on a single programming software, Unity Pro software. It delivers a low-cost and low-risk modernization path while protecting your previous investment.

Why you should modernize now.
Upgrading to the Modicon Momentum Unity CPU is the simplest modernization strategy for your legacy PLCs. Unite all your small, medium, and large controllers on the Unity Pro software platform with robust communications and state-of-the-art programming functions

  • Cost-effective – Preserve the existing Momentum I/O investment and import developed Modsoft™, Proworx™, or Concept™ application programs
  • Simple – Upgrade to a single, intuitive software suite to manage all controllers
  • Ready for the future – Embark on a clear path for future modernization with PlantStruxure integrated architecture

For more information on Modicon Momentum modules, please call 800-691-8511 or email

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Modicon Momentum Modules

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