UD75: Beyond the User Manual

The UD75 CTnet Interface card for the Unidrive Classic series is supplied in a large option module. It is an add-on card for the UD70 applications card. The UD70 processor and operating system handles all network activity, and uses a dual-port RAM interface to transfer data between itself and the drive.

The UD70 CTnet retains full functionality, allowing the user to download normal DPL application programs. No program modifications are required to allow existing DPL programs to run. A different UD70 operating system file (“UD70NET.SYS”) is used, and the UD70 has this system file pre-loaded.

The Unidrive must be disconnected from the mains supply before installing or removing any option module, including the UD75.

Isolate the drive from the mains supply and allow 5 minute for the DC bus capacitors to discharge. Insert the large option module. Ensure that it is correctly inserted. The module will click firmly into place. To remove the module, pull on the black tab and the module will disengage from the connector and pull out of the drive.

For more info you can visit the UD75 product page here. For price and ordering info you can email sales@mroelectric.com or call 1-800-691-8511. We have these and all the other Unidrive Classic option modules in stock, along with the drives themselves.

UD75 CTnet

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