UNI1405 Manual Installation and Pricing

The Control Techniques UNI1405 Unidrive is a 5hp, 9.5A AC drive with a peak output of 9.6kHz. All of the Unidrives have a built-in encoder port which is ready to accept motor rotational feedback after installation. There are three option modules available to compliment or extend the range of motor speed / position feedback capabilities.  For additional info about the UNI1405 manual programming of the option modules you can check out our post about the UD73 option module here.

Each of these option modules creates a simulated encoder output as either line driven quadrature channels or as frequency / direction signals to facilitate follower applications.

To quickly get your Unidrive back up and running you can program it through one of these option modules, or you can manually input the parameters through the main keypad. During UNI1405 manual configuration, the motor common parameters are set up in a short menu that is broken down into advanced parameter listings if need be.

We understand that having a drive go down will be a difficult situation and that the price of downtime can quickly get out of hand. All of our UNI1405 drives and any other size drives are ready to ship out same day, so they can go overnight or even be couriered in. For more info please email sales@mroelectric.com or call 1-800-691-8511. You can also visit the product page for the Unidrive here.

UNI1405 Manual Install
UNI1405 Manual Install

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