Schneider Electric includes the brands Modicon, Telemecanique, and Square D. These companies have been acquired by Schneider Electric and their products are now included in the Schneider Electric manufacturer listing.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
371SPU92100Modicon 984 Series


5 in stock
110-XCP-980-00Modicon 984 Series110-XCP-980-00 BATTERY LITHIUM 3V 1500MAH 110-XCP5 in stock
110-XCA-282-02Modicon 984 Series110-XCA-282-02 CABLE COMMUNICATION 2M FOR M1 RS232...2 in stock
470NAV51200Modicon 984 SeriesMVB TAP redundant1 in stock
372ESS48501Modicon 984 SeriesModicon Momentum - Modsoft X.Xx To Concept Xl1 in stock
372SPU47201V25Modicon 984 Series


1 in stock
372SPU47401VENModicon 984 SeriesCONCEPT V2.6 XL VENDOR 10call for stock
52-0400-000Modicon 984 Series520400000 - Modicon Connectors - RG-6/U Male F for stock
52-0399-000Modicon 984 Series520399000 - Modicon Connectors - Self Terminating for stock
372SPU8001EDUCModicon 984 SeriesPW32 EDUCATIONAL 10 USERcall for stock
372SPU78101PONLModicon 984 SeriesPROWORX 32 ONLINE CLIENTcall for stock
372SPU78001PSEVModicon 984 SeriesPROWORX32 SERVERcall for stock
372SPU78001PDEVModicon 984 SeriesPROWORKX 32 OFFLINE/ONLINE CLIENTcall for stock
372SPU47411V26Modicon 984 SeriesCONCEPT XL 3 USERcall for stock
372SPU47201V26Modicon 984 SeriesCONCEPT M V2.6call for stock
372SPU47401V25Modicon 984 SeriesCONCEPT XL V2.6call for stock
372SPU47401V22Modicon 984 SeriesCONCEPT XL V2.2call for stock
110-XCA-282-03Modicon 984 Series110-XCA-282-03 CABLE RS232 COMMUNICATION 6M for stock
372SPU47101V26Modicon 984 SeriesCONCEPTS V2.6call for stock
309COM45503Modicon 984 SeriesXMIT MODBUS MASTER FUNCTION BLOCKcall for stock
130HEK30102Modicon 984 SeriesLITE ENABLE AGAcall for stock
130HEK30101Modicon 984 SeriesFULL ENABLE AGAcall for stock
110-XTS-001-20Modicon 984 Series110-XTS-001-20 20 PIN OUTPUT TERMINAL STRIP for stock
110-XCP-704-01Modicon 984 Series110-XCP-704-01 CONTROLLER 110-XCPcall for stock
52-0401-000Modicon 984 Series520401000 - Modicon Connectors - RG-11/U Male F for stock