Schneider Electric includes the brands Modicon, Telemecanique, and Square D. These companies have been acquired by Schneider Electric and their products are now included in the Schneider Electric manufacturer listing.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
11T145HDITAutomationTRANSFORMER DRY 3PH 11KVA 460V-460Y/265Vcall for stock
120R102AutomationTRANSFORMER CURRENT 1000:5 5-3/4 IDcall for stock
120R122AutomationTRANSFORMER CURRENT 1200:5 5-3/4 IDcall for stock
120R162AutomationTRANSFORMER CURRENT 1600:5 5-3/4 IDcall for stock
120R202AutomationTRANSFORMER CURRENT 2000:5 5-3/4 IDcall for stock
120R252AutomationTRANSFORMER CURRENT 2500:5 5-3/4 IDcall for stock
120R301AutomationTRANSFORMER CURRENT 300:5 5-3/4 IDcall for stock
120R302AutomationTRANSFORMER CURRENT 3000:5 5-3/4 IDcall for stock
120R801AutomationTRANSFORMER CURRENT 800:5-3/4 IDcall for stock
130HEK30101Modicon 984 SeriesFULL ENABLE AGAcall for stock
130HEK30102Modicon 984 SeriesLITE ENABLE AGAcall for stock
132125R4AutomationFUSE REFILL 80A 15KV SM5 HVLcall for stock
132150R4AutomationFUSE REFILL 100A 15KV SM5 HVLcall for stock
140ACI03000Modicon QuantumAnalog Input Module - 8 I Multirange38 in stock
140ACI03000CModicon QuantumAnalog Input Module Modicon Quantum - 8 I for stock
140ACI04000Modicon QuantumAnalog Input Module - 16 I Multirange21 in stock
140ACI04000CModicon QuantumAnalog Input Module Modicon Quantum - 16 I for stock
140ACI05100SCModicon QuantumINPUT MODULE 32POINT SELECTABLE CURR...1 in stock
140ACO02000Modicon QuantumAnalog Output Module - 4 O - 4..20 Ma, 12 Bits Bip...49 in stock
140ACO02000CModicon QuantumAnalog Output Module Modicon Quantum - 4 O - for stock
140ACO13000Modicon QuantumAnalog Output Module - 8 O Multirange18 in stock
140ACO13000CModicon QuantumAnalog Output Module Modicon Quantum - 8 Ocall for stock
140AII33000Modicon Quantum Intrinsically safe temperature input module3 in stock
140AII33000CModicon QuantumIntrinsically safe temperature input module for stock
140AII33010Modicon Quantum Input module3 in stock

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