Schneider Electric includes the brands Modicon, Telemecanique, and Square D. These companies have been acquired by Schneider Electric and their products are now included in the Schneider Electric manufacturer listing.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
QH315AutomationMINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKER 240V 15Acall for stock
QO116EC10AutomationMINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKER 240V 16Acall for stock
QO260PLAutomationCIR BREAKER 120/240V 60A 2POLE PLUG ON PLcall for stock
QO230EPDAutomationMINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKER 120/240V 30Acall for stock
QO21251021AutomationMINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKER 120/240V 125Acall for stock
QO160M200PCAutomationQO PON LC W CVR N1 1PH MB 240VAC 200Acall for stock
QO142L225GAutomationLOAD CENTER QO MLO 240V 225A 1PH 42SP ** COVER for stock
QO140L200GAutomationLOAD CENTER QO MLO 240V 200A 1PH 40SP NEMA 1call for stock
QO130M200Automation LD-CNTR BOX&INTcall for stock
QO13040M200GRBAutomationLOAD CENTER QO MB 240V 200A 1PH 30SP NEMA 3Rcall for stock
QO124M100PCAutomationQO PLUG-ON NEUT INDcall for stock
QO120VHCAFIAutomationMINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKER 120V 20Acall for stock
QMJ363TAutomationSWITCH FUSIBLE QMJ 600V 100A 3P TWIN/PC20904call for stock
QJA221502AutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 240V 150Acall for stock
QMB367WAutomationSWITCH, FUSIBLE QMB 600V 800A 3Pcall for stock
QMB364MWAutomationSWITCH, FUSIBLE MAIN QMB 600V 200A 3Pcall for stock
QMB363MWAutomationSWITCH, FUSIBLE MAIN QMB 600V 100A 3Pcall for stock
QMB362HWAutomationSWITCH, FUSIBLE QMB 600V 60A 3Pcall for stock
QMB326MWAutomationSWITCH, FUSIBLE QMB 240V 600A 3P MAINcall for stock
QMB323TWAutomationSWITCH FUSIBLE QMB 240V 100A 3P TWINcall for stock
QMB321TAutomationSW,FUSIBLE BRANCH QMB 240V 30A 3P TWINcall for stock
QMB261HWAutomationSWITCHcall for stock
QJL32225AutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 240V 225Acall for stock
QJA32200AutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 240V 200Acall for stock
QO324MB100AutomationLOAD CENTER QO MB 240V 100A 3PH 24SP CSA LISTcall for stock