Schneider Electric includes the brands Modicon, Telemecanique, and Square D. These companies have been acquired by Schneider Electric and their products are now included in the Schneider Electric manufacturer listing.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
TSXDSY08T22Modicon PremiumDiscrete Output Module Modicon Premium - 8 O Solid...12 in stock
TSXDEY64D2KModicon PremiumDiscrete Input Module Modicon Premium - 64 I 24 V ...4 in stock
TSXDEY16A3Modicon PremiumDiscrete Input Module Modicon Premium - 16 I 48 V ...3 in stock
FAL36030AutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 600V 30Acall for stock
FAL361008041AutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 600V 100Acall for stock
7S4FAutomationTRANSFORMER DRY 1PH 7.5KVA 600V-120/240Vcall for stock
TSXP572823Modicon PremiumDouble-Format PL7 Processor - Transparent Ready - for stock
FAP26100AutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 600V 100Acall for stock
780R202AutomationTRANSFORMER CURRENTcall for stock
TSXP57253Modicon PremiumDouble-Format PL7 Processor - 820 Ma 5 V DCcall for stock
FAP24100AutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 480V 100Acall for stock
750SV46FAutomationTRANSFOMER DRY 1PH .75KVA 120X240V-16/32Vcall for stock
TSXP571634Modicon PremiumUnity Processor - 2 Racks (12 Slots) / 4 Racks (4/ for stock
FAL36100AutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 600V 100Acall for stock
5SQ58111AutomationTRANSFOMER DRY 1PH 5KVA 480/575V-120/240Vcall for stock
TSXP57103Modicon PremiumSingle-format PL7 processor - 440 mA 5 V DCcall for stock
5S1FAutomationTRANSFORMER DRY 5KVA 240X480V-120/240Vcall for stock
TSXDSY64T2KModicon Premium

Discrete Output Module Modicon Premium - 64 O S...

call for stock
FAL360701121AutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 600V 70Acall for stock
5GS100AutomationCURRENT LIMITING FUSE 5KV 100AMP QTY 3call for stock
FAL36060AutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 600V 60Acall for stock
523372P7AutomationCIRCUIT BREAKER, QDF32225TScall for stock
FAL36040AutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 600V 40Acall for stock
460R600AutomationTRANSFORMER VOLTAGE 600:120 0.6Wcall for stock
FAP34045AutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 480V 45Acall for stock