Schneider Electric includes the brands Modicon, Telemecanique, and Square D. These companies have been acquired by Schneider Electric and their products are now included in the Schneider Electric manufacturer listing.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
140DAI44000Modicon QuantumDiscrete input module Modicon Quantum - 16 I - 48 ...20 in stock
140CRP93100Modicon Quantum

Rio Head-End Adaptor Module Modicon Quantum - 1...

18 in stock
140CRA93100Modicon Quantum

Rio Drop Adaptor Module Modicon Quantum - 1 Con...

16 in stock
140CPU11303Modicon Quantum

Processor 512K RAM 16K User Logic 1xMB+

15 in stock
140CPS21100Modicon QuantumPower Supply Module Modicon Quantum - 24 V DC 20.....14 in stock
140CRA21110Modicon Quantum

Dio Drop Interface Modicon Quantum - 115/230 V ...

11 in stock
140CPS11410Modicon Quantum

AC 115/230VAC SUMM

2 in stock
140CPU42401Modicon QuantumProcessor Module1 in stock
140CPU43412UModicon Quantum

Unity Processor Modicon Quantum - 1056 Kb - 66 ...

1 in stock
6T5FAutomationTRANSFORMER DRY 3PH 6KVA 480V-240Vcall for stock
8502SCG3V03AutomationCONTACTOR 600VAC 27AMP NEMA +OPTIONScall for stock
8502SEO1V06AutomationCONTACTOR 600VAC 90AMP NEMA +OPTIONScall for stock
8502SDO3V02SAutomationCONTACTOR 600VAC 45AMP NEMA +OPTIONScall for stock
8502SDG3V02SAutomationCONTACTOR 600VAC 45AMP NEMA +OPTIONScall for stock
8501KF12V20AutomationRELAY 240VAC 10AMP TYPE K +OPTIONScall for stock
140CPU65260CModicon QuantumUnity Processor Modicon Quantum - 3072 Kb - 266 for stock
8501XUDO1200V56AutomationRELAY 250VDC 5AMP NEMA +OPTIONScall for stock
140CPU53414UModicon QuantumModicon Quantum Quantum CPUs - Processor 586K for stock
82354NAutomationSWITCH NOT FUSIBLE DOUBLE THROW 240V 200A 3P W/ for stock
8030RIM126AutomationPLC, MOD ISLATED ANALOG/TC 8 INPcall for stock
7S7FAutomationTRANSFORMER DRY 1PH 7.5KVA 208V-120/240Vcall for stock
140CPS42400Modicon QuantumPower Supply Module Modicon Quantum - 48..60 V DC for stock
7S1FAutomationTRANSFORMER DRY 7.5KVA 240X480V-120/240Vcall for stock
75T3HNVAutomationTRANSFORMER DRY 3PH 75KVA 480V-208Y/120Vcall for stock
8502SFO1V02AutomationCONTACTOR 240VAC 135AMP NEMA +OPTIONScall for stock