Schneider Electric includes the brands Modicon, Telemecanique, and Square D. These companies have been acquired by Schneider Electric and their products are now included in the Schneider Electric manufacturer listing.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
140XCA71706Modicon QuantumModicon Quantum - Backplane Expander Cable - 2 M2 in stock
9070T200Q32415AutomationTRANSFORMER CONTROL 200VA 120/240V-48V2 in stock
9070T100D109AutomationTRANSFORMER CONTROL 100VA, 600/480/240/208-120call for stock
9070TF1500D4AutomationTRANSFORMER CONTROL 1500VA 277V-120Vcall for stock
9070TF1000D5AutomationTRANSFORMER CONTROL 1000VA 600V-120Vcall for stock
9070T750Q56658R2AutomationTRANSFOMER CONTROL 750VA MULTIPLE VOLTAGEScall for stock
9070T750D19AutomationTRANSFOMER CONTROL 750VA MULTIPLE VOLTAGEScall for stock
9070T500D31AutomationXFMR CONTROL 500VA 240/480V-120/240Vcall for stock
9070T350D50AutomationTRANSFOMER CONTROL 350VA MULTIPLE VOLTAGEScall for stock
9070T3000D37AutomationTRANSFORMER CONTROL 3000VA 600V-120/240Vcall for stock
9070T2000D1AutomationTRANSFORMER CONTROL 2000VA 240/480V-120Vcall for stock
9070T1500D23AutomationTRANSFORMER CONTROL 1500VA 120/240V-24Vcall for stock
9036GW1AutomationFLOAT SWITCH 575VAC 5HP G +OPTIONScall for stock
9038CW31AutomationFLOAT SWITCH 575VAC 1HP TYPE C +OPTIONScall for stock
9070T1000D1AutomationTRANSFORMER CONTROL 1000VA 240/480V-120Vcall for stock
9070SK3000G2D1AutomationXFMR DISCONNECT 3000VA 240/480V-120Vcall for stock
9070SK1000G1D1F11AutomationXFMR DISCONNECT 1500VA 240/480V-120Vcall for stock
9070GO4D1AutomationTRANSFOMER KITS T-G 300VA 240/480V-120Vcall for stock
9070EO71D1AutomationTRANSFORMER CONTROL 1000VA 240/480V-120Vcall for stock
9070EO10D101E23AutomationTRANSFORMER CONTROL 3000VA 480/575V-115Vcall for stock
9065SP36AutomationSOLID STATE OVERLOAD RELAY 600VAC 90AMPcall for stock
9065SP226AutomationMOTOR LOGIC PLUS II O/RELAY(10-45A)call for stock
9050AO20DV02AutomationPNEUMATIC TIMER 600V 10AMP A +OPTIONScall for stock
9050AO10EV06AutomationPNEUMATIC TIMER 600V 15AMP A +OPTIONScall for stock
9070T1000D24AutomationTRANSFORMER CONTROL 1000VA 120V-120Vcall for stock