Schneider Electric includes the brands Modicon, Telemecanique, and Square D. These companies have been acquired by Schneider Electric and their products are now included in the Schneider Electric manufacturer listing.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
TSX07301028Modicon NanoTSX-07 BRICK TSX 07 CA 6E 4S RELAIS3 in stock
TSX1724012Modicon NanoTSX-17 BRICK TSX17-20 DC 40 I/O TR (TSX1724) (TSX-...2 in stock
TSX XBT H100Modicon MicroSchneider Electric Weighing Display1 in stock
EGB24050AutomationMINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKER 480Y/277V 50Acall for stock
EJB34025SAAutomationMINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKER 480Y/277V 25Acall for stock
TSX17ACC5EModicon NanoTSX-17 ACCESSORY UTWAY/TSX17-20 ADAPTER E ( for stock
EMB3021AutomationENERGY METER BASIC 200A 90X1.90 IDcall for stock
EJB36080AutomationMINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKER 600V 80Acall for stock
TSX1722028EModicon NanoTSX-17 BRICK TSX17-20 AC 20 E/S REL. E (TSX1722) ( for stock
EJB34125AutomationMINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKER 480Y/277V 125Acall for stock
TSX1713428Modicon NanoTSX-17 BRICK TSX17-10 AC 34 I/O REL. (TSX1713) ( for stock
EJB34060AutomationMINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKER 480Y/277V 60Acall for stock
EJB24040AutomationMINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKER 480Y/277V 40Acall for stock
TSX07312408Modicon NanoTSX-07 BRICK PLC, Nano,Type TSX07call for stock
TSX CTZ 1AModicon MicroMODICON 40KHZ 1 CHAN.MULTI.COUNTcall for stock
EJB14020EPDAutomationMINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKER 277V 20Acall for stock
TSX07211648Modicon NanoTSX-07 BRICK TSX 07 DC 9I 7call for stock
EGB36050AutomationMINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKER 600V 50Acall for stock
TSX07201002Modicon NanoTSX-07 BRICK TSX 07 DC 6I 4O TRcall for stock
EGB34080AutomationMINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKER 480Y/277V 80Acall for stock
EGB34040SAAutomationMINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKER 480Y/277V 40Acall for stock
TSX MRPP 384KModicon MicroTelemecanique SRMA Memcall for stock
EGB34015AutomationMINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKER 480Y/277V 15Acall for stock
EME3164AutomationENERGY METER EXT RNG 1600A 2.45X5.50IDcall for stock