Schneider Electric includes the brands Modicon, Telemecanique, and Square D. These companies have been acquired by Schneider Electric and their products are now included in the Schneider Electric manufacturer listing.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
140XSM00200Modicon QuantumModicon Quantum - Discrete Input Simulator 16 Swit...11 in stock
TSX3721101Modicon MicroTsx Micro 37 21/22 PLC Configurations10 in stock
140XTS00500Modicon Quantum

Modicon Quantum - Field Power Connector

5 in stock
TSX1712028Modicon NanoTSX-17 BRICK TSX17-10 AC 20 I/O REL (TSX1712) (TSX...5 in stock
TSX07301012Modicon NanoTSX-07 BRICK INPUT MODULE3 in stock
690MCI00006Modicon QuantumCable Low profile DB50/DB50, 6 ft3 in stock
TSX07332428Modicon NanoTSX-07 BRICK PLC, Nano,Type TSX072 in stock
140XCA71709Modicon QuantumModicon Quantum - Backplane Expander Cable - 3 M1 in stock
TSX MRP 2128PModicon MicroMODICON 128K16 RAM MEM AND FILEScall for stock
TSX1723444EModicon NanoTSX-17 BRICK TSX17-20 AC 34 I/O REL.E (TSX1723) ( for stock
141MMS42500Modicon QuantumMotion Module Sercos 486 4MBcall for stock
TSX3710128DTK1Modicon MicroTsx Micro 37 10 PLC Configurationscall for stock
TSX3710000Modicon MicroTSX-37 BRICK TSX3710 AC (TSX3710000) ( for stock
TSX272630Modicon CompactTSX-27 BRICK TSX 27 AC 60 I/O TR/REL (TSX272630) ( for stock
TSX17CTC03Modicon NanoTSX-17 CPU PLC, Type TSX17 (TSX17CTC03) ( for stock
TSX1722012EModicon NanoTSX-17 BRICK TSX17-20 DC 20 I/O TR.E (TSX1722) ( for stock
TSX SCPCU 4030Modicon MicroMODICON- UTW SCP 114 CORD-call for stock
990NAD21910Modicon QuantumModbus PLus Drop Cable - Between Junction Box And for stock
ASMBII004Modicon Quantum

Modicon Quantum Automation PLatform - Preassemb...

call for stock
TSX07311822Modicon NanoTSX-07 BRICK PLC, Nano,Type TSX07call for stock
TSX 0721 1628Modicon MicroTELEMECANIQUE- CONTROLLER 9INPUTS 7OUTPUTScall for stock
TSX07211612Modicon NanoTSX-07 BRICK TSX 07 DC 9I 7 TR Ocall for stock
TSX002PCMCIAModicon NanoTSX-002P CABLE PLC-PCS (TSX002PCMCIA) ( for stock
TSX471001Modicon CompactTSX-47 CPU PLC,Large, Type TSX47 TSX67 & TSX87 ( for stock