Schneider Electric includes the brands Modicon, Telemecanique, and Square D. These companies have been acquired by Schneider Electric and their products are now included in the Schneider Electric manufacturer listing.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
FHL360601021AutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 600V 60Acall for stock
AS-B231-501Modicon 984 SeriesASB231501 - 200-Series I/O Module, Discrete In, for stock
8536SEG1V02CP1SAutomationSTARTER MOTOR CONTROL <1000VACcall for stock
AS-B273-001Modicon 984 SeriesASB273001 - 200-Series I/O Module, Discrete In, for stock
FJA140303AutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 480Y/277V 30Acall for stock
8536SDO6V02AutomationSTARTER 600VAC 45AMP NEMA +OPTIONScall for stock
AS-B258-101Modicon 984 SeriesASB258101 - 200-Series I/O Module, Special for stock
FHP361002249AutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 600V 100Acall for stock
8536SDO1V03H30AutomationSTARTER 600VAC 45AMP NEMA +OPTIONScall for stock
AS-B239-001Modicon 984 SeriesASB239001 - 200-Series I/O Module, Special for stock
FHP36045AutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 600V 45Acall for stock
8536SDG6V03AutomationSTARTER MOTOR CONTROL <1000VACcall for stock
FHP36020TFAutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 600V 20Acall for stock
AS-5B40005AModicon 984 SeriesAS5B40005A - 10 KHz, -50 to +50 mV 800-Series 5B for stock
8536SDG1V06AutomationSTARTER 600VAC 45AMPcall for stock
AS-911K-812Modicon 984 SeriesAS911K812 - S911-800 Hot Standby Systems For for stock
FHP3600015MMTAutomationAUTOMATIC MOLDED CASE SWITCH 600V 150Acall for stock
8536SDA1V03AutomationSTARTER 600VAC 45AMP NEMA +OPTIONScall for stock
AS-5B47S10AModicon 984 SeriesAS5B47S10A - Linear, 4 Hz - (Type S) +500 to for stock
FHP16020AutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 480Y/277V 20Acall for stock
8536SCO8V02SAutomationSTARTER 600VAC 27AMP NEMA +OPTIONScall for stock
AS-5B47B11AModicon 984 SeriesAS5B47B11A - Linear, 4 Hz - (Type B) +500 to for stock
FHL36090AutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 600V 90Acall for stock
8536SCO3V06EAutomationSTARTER 600VAC 27AMP NEMA +OPTIONScall for stock
FJA140601AutomationMOLDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKER 480Y/277V 60Acall for stock