Modicon 140CPU43412A CPU Product Video

We currently have both new and refurbished 140CPU43412A CPUs in stock, fully tested and ready to ship out same day if need be. This Modicon 140CPU43412A CPU is one of the more popular CPUs in the Quantum Series from Schneider Electric/Modicon.

Just as a side note, we often get questions as to what the differences between Schneider Electric, Modicon, Square D, and Telemecanique are. Modicon, Square D, and Telemecanique were all bought by Schneider Electric over the years and their products are all now manufactured by Schneider. A full history of the Schneider Electric acquisitions is available on Wikipedia here.

Back to the CPU, if you are looking for the general description or the technical specs, here is a link to the PDF listed on Graybar’s website. The predecessor to this CPU is the 140CPU43412, where the 140CPU43412A is functional identicial to the non-“A” version, the only differences being that if you are using multiple units in a hot standby system you need to use either two 140CPU43412 units or two 140CPU43412A units, and the “A” version has a unique flash executive which isn’t interchangeable. We have another blog post detailing the differences here.

Below we have a video of the product itself to help with anyone who is looking for replacement. For pricing or any other questions give us a call a 800-691-8511 or email

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