Modicon Quantum Interface Modules

The Modicon Quantum series has a variety of communication interface modules which are listed and described below.

RIO Modules (CRA/CRP)

–          Quantum RIO head and drop modules use a S908-based networking I/O configuration. Communication is done via single or dual coaxial cabling u to 15,000 feet away. This configuration supports a mix of the following product lines:

  • SY.MAX
  • 200 Series
  • 500 Series
  • 800 Series
  • Quantum I/O

When Quantum RIO is required, the Modicon Quantum interface modules controller may support up to 31 RIO drops. In an RIO configuration, an RIO head module is connected with a coaxial cable to RIO drop modules at each remote drop.

DIO Module (CRA)

–          Quantum DIO is implemented over a Modbus Plus network. The CPU or NOMs module may be the network head via their Modbus Plus ports. The Quantum DIO Modbus Plus drop adaptors are specifically designed to link Quantum I/O modules to the head via twisted pair shielded cable (Modbus Plus). The DIO drop modules also provide the I/O with power (maximum 3A) from a 24VDC or a 115/230VAC source. Each DIO network supports up to 63 distributed drops using repeaters.

Network Option Module (NOM)

–          Quantum NOM modules provide extended communication capabilities for the Quantum system within a Modbus Plus configuration.

Modbus Plus on Fiber Module (NOM)

–          Quantum Modbus Plus on Fiber modules provides connectivity to Modbus Plus nodes by fiber cable without fiber optic repeaters and allows the creation of a pure fiber optic network or a mixed fiber optic/twisted-pair network (with the use of a 490NRP254 Fiber Optic Repeater).

Ethernet TCP/IP (NOE) Modules

–          Quantum Ethernet TCP/IP modules make it possible for a Quantum controller to communicate with devices on an Ethernet network using TCP/IP – the de facto standard protocol. An Ethernet module may be inserted into an existing Quantum system and connected to existing Ethernet networks via fiber optic or twisted pair cabling.

SY/MAX Ethernet Modules (NOE)

–          Quantum-SY/MAX-Ethernet modules are Quantum CPU network option modules that can be placed in a Quantum backplane to connect to Quantum controllers to SY/MAX devices and applications.

MMS-Ethernet Modules (NOE)

–          Quantum-MMS-Ethernet modules are Quantum CPU network option modules that can be placed in a Quantum backplane to connect Quantum controllers to MMS devices and applications.

InterBus Interface Module (NOA)

–          The Quantum InterBus is the interface module to the InterBus bus. The InterBus bus is a Fieldbus network designed for I/O blocks and intelligent devices used in manufacturing. It offers a master/slave topology that permits deterministic I/O servicing over its 13 km twisted pair network.

LonWorks Modules (NOL)

–          Quantum NOL modules provide connectivity between a Quantum controller and a LonWorks network, based on Echelon’s LonWorks technology. The NOL module is offered in three models for different transceiver types, and supports three twisted-pair media types with different network topologies or data transfer speeds.

Profibus Interface Module (CRP)

–          Quantum Profibus module is the interface module to Profibus-DP networks. The interface modules use Type A, shielded twisted pair to join inline connectors, with or without service ports and bus terminators.

AS-I Interface Module

–          Quantum AS-i modules provide connectivity between a Quantum controller and AS-i networks. AS-i bus cable is an unshielded flat two-wire link on which communication and power are transmitted to connected devices. The media insulation is self-healing to accommodate junction block removal.

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