Schneider Electric Altivar 11

Altivar 11 Frequency Inverters

ATV11 Altivar 11 inverters are used with 3 phase asynchronous motors from 0.18 to 2.2 kW. Standard features include speed regulation by flux vector control, protection of drive and motor, and robustness in severe environments. Altivar 11's high performance and compact size make it user friendly and easy to integrate in to any system. Applications of ATV11 drives include conveyors, garage doors, grinders, saws, and dough mixers.

Part NumberDescriptionInventory
ATV11HU09F1UVariable speed drive ATV11 - 0.37kW - 120V 1-phase...2 in stock
ATV11HU09M2E Variable speed drive 0.37kW - 230V 1-phase for stock
ATV11HU18F1U Variable speed drive ATV11 - 0.75kW - 120V 1-phas...2 in stock
ATV11HU18M2U Variable speed drive ATV11 - 0.75kW - 230V for stock
ATV11HU18M3U Variable speed drive ATV11 - 0.75kW - 230V for stock
ATV11HU29M2E Variable speed drive ATV11 - 1.5kW - 230V for stock
ATV11HU29M2U Variable speed drive 1.5kW - 230V 1-phase supply for stock
ATV11HU18F1AVariable speed drive, ATV11, 0.75kW - 120V, 1-phas...1 in stock

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