Schneider Electric Altivar 12

Altivar 12 Variable Frequency Drives

ATV12 Altivar 12 VFD models combine flexibility, reliability, and advanced sensorless flux vector technology into a very small footprint. These variable frequency drives feature an integrated communications port, user-friendly navigation wheel, and an option multi-loader that makes programming quick and easy. Altivar 12 drives are versatile enough to handle applications from simple to complex and across a variety of industries.

Part NumberDescriptionInventory
ATV12H018F1 Variable speed drive - 0.18kW - 0.25hp - for stock
ATV12H018M2 Variable speed drive - 0.18kW - 0.25hp - 200..240...1 in stock
ATV12H037F1 Variable speed drive - 0.37kW - 0.55hp - 100..120...3 in stock
ATV12H037M2 Variable speed drive - 0.37kW - 0.55hp - 200..240...2 in stock
ATV12H037M3 Variable speed drive - 0.37kW - 0.55hp - for stock
ATV12H055M2 Variable speed drive - 0.55kW - 0.75hp - for stock
ATV12H075F1 Variable speed drive - 0.75kW - 1hp - 100..120V -...6 in stock
ATV12H075M2Variable speed drive ATV12 - 0.75kW - 1hp - 200..2...1 in stock
ATV12H075M3 Variable speed drive - 0.75kW - 1hp - 200..240V for stock
ATV12HU15M2 Variable speed drive ATV12 - 1.5kW - 2hp, 200..24...1 in stock
ATV12HU15M3 Variable speed drive - 1.5kW - 2hp - 200..240V - for stock
ATV12HU22M2Variable speed drive ATV12 - 2.2kW - 3hp - 200..24...2 in stock
ATV12HU22M3 Variable speed drive - 2.2kW - 3hp - 200..240V - for stock
ATV12HU40M3 Variable speed drive - 4kW - 5hp - 200..240V - for stock
ATV12P075M2Variable speed drive ATV12 - 0.75kW - 1hp - for stock
ATV12H018M3 VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE ATV12, 0.18KW,0.25HP, 200/ for stock
ATV12HU30M3 VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE ATV12, 3KW, 200/240V, 3PH, for stock
ATV12H037M2TQ VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE, 0.37KW, 0.55HP, 200/240V, for stock
ATV12H055M2TQ VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE ATV12, 0.55KW, 0.75HP, 200/ for stock
ATV12H075M2TQ VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE ATV12, 0.75KW, 1HP, 200/ for stock
ATV12HU15M2TQ VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE, 1.5KW, 2HP, 200/240V, 1PH, for stock
ATV12HU22M2TQ VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE, 2.2KW, 3HP, 200/240V, 1PH, for stock
ATV12H018M2TQ VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE, 0.18KW, 0.25HP, 200/240V, for stock

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