Altivar 18 by Schneider Electric

Altivar 18 Variable Frequency Drives

ATV18 Altivar 18 drives provide a compact, cost effective adjustable speed control for AC motors. The ATV18 drives are designed to be easily integrated in to commercial and industrial machines. The Altivar 18 does not require preventative maintenance, but users should regularly check the connections and ensure that the speed controller is free from dust. 

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3 PHASE DRIVE, 15 HP, 380-460 VAC

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0.5HP 230V AC Drive

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ATV18U18M21HP 230V AC Drivecall for stock

1HP 460V AC Drive

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ATV18U29M22HP 230V AC Drivecall for stock
ATV18U29N42HP 460V AC Drivecall for stock

DRIVE, 5HP, 3 PHASE, 12.5/10.9AMP, 460VAC

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