Schneider Electric Altivar 21

Altivar 21 Variable Speed Drives

ATV21 Altivar 21 frequency inverters are used with 3 phase asynchronous motors from 0.75 to 75 kW. This series of VFDs have variable torque applications for building HVAC. Features of the ATV21 series include integrated EMC filters, a remote terminal, motor and drive protection, and an economical design. Altivar 21 drives also include overload detection and under load detection, along with an automatic restart.

Part NumberDescriptionInventory
ATV21HD11N4Variable speed drive - ATV21 - 11kW 15HP - 480V - ...2 in stock
ATV21HD15N4 Variable speed drive - 15kW 20HP - 480V - EMC for stock
ATV21HU40N4 Variable speed drive 4kW 5HP - 480V - EMC filter for stock
ATV21HU55N4 Variable speed drive - 5.5kW 7.5HP - 480V - EMC for stock
ATV21HU75N4 Variable speed drive - 7.5kW 10HP - 480V - EMC for stock
ATV21H075N4 Variable Speed Drive, 0.75kW 1HP, 480V, EMC filte...1 in stock
ATV21HU22M3X 3HP 230V AC DR1 in stock
ATV21HD11M3X VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE - ATV21 - 11kW 15HP - 240V -...3 in stock
ATV21HU15N4 AC DRIVE, 3PHASE1 in stock

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