Altivar 31 by Schneider Electric

Altivar 31 Variable Speed Drives

ATV31 Altivar 31 frequency inverters are used for 3 phase asynchronous motors from 0.18 to 15 kW. Features of the Altivar 31 series include auto-tuning, motor and drive protection, a brake sequence, limit switch management, and compact mounting. ATV31 VFDs have high performance and numerous functions from material handling to pumps and textile machines. 

Part NumberDescriptionInventory
ATV31H037M2Variable speed drive ATV31 - 0.37kW - 240V 1-phase...7 in stock
ATV31H075N4Variable speed drive ATV31 - 0.75kW - 500V 3-phase...2 in stock
ATV31HU40N4Variable speed drive Altivar 31 - 4kW - 500V 3-pha...1 in stock

DESCRIPTION: Variable speed dr...

1 in stock
ATV31HD11N4Variable speed drive ATV31 - 11kW - 500V 3-phase s...1 in stock
ATV31HU75N4Variable speed drive ATV31 - 7.5kW - 500V 3-phase ...1 in stock
ATV31HU15M2Variable speed drive ATV31 - 1.5kW - 240V 1-phase ...1 in stock
ATV31HU15N4Variable speed drive ATV31 - 1.5kW - 500V 3-phase ...1 in stock
ATV31HU55N4Variable speed drive ATV31 - 5.5kW - 500V 3-phase ...1 in stock
ATV31HU40M3XVariable speed drive ATV31 - 4kW - 240V 3-phase su...1 in stock
ATV31HU75M3XVariable speed drive ATV31 - 7.5kW - 240V 3-phase for stock
ATV31HU55M3XVariable speed drive ATV31 - 5.5kW - 240V 3-phase for stock
ATV31HU40N4AVariable speed drive ATV31 - 4kW - 500V 3-phase for stock
ATV31HU22N4Variable speed drive ATV31 - 2.2kW - 500V 3-phase for stock
ATV31HU30N4Variable speed drive ATV31 - 3kW - 500V 3-phase for stock
ATV31H037N4Variable speed drive ATV31 - 0.37kW - 500V for stock
ATV31HU22M2Variable speed drive ATV31 - 2.2kW - 240V 1-phase for stock
ATV31HU11N4Variable speed drive ATV31 - 1.1kW - 500V 3-phase for stock
ATV31HD15N4Variable speed drive ATV31 - 15kW - 500V 3-phase for stock
ATV31H075M2Variable speed drive ATV31 - 0.75kW - 240V for stock
ATV31HU22M3XVariable speed drive ATV31 - 2.2kW - 240V 3-phase for stock