Schneider Electric Altivar 312

Altivar 312 Variable Frequency Drives

ATV312 Altivar 312 drives provide a compact, cost effective adjustable speed control for asynchronous motors from 0.25 to 20 HP. The Altivar 312 mid-featured AC drive is designed to make commercial and industrial machines more energy efficient. ATV312 drives have the highest over torque and are the only drive in its class with a remote keypad which makes them ideally suited to material handling, packaging, food and beverage, and other OEM machines. Altivar 312 drives come with an integrated communications port for Modbus and CANopen networks along with optional cards for CANopen Daisy Chain, DeviceNet, and Profibus DP.

Part NumberDescriptionInventory
ATV312HU22N4Variable speed drive ATV312 - 2.2kW - 5.9kVA - 79W...2 in stock
ATV312HU22S6 Variable speed drive, 2.2kW - 5.8kVA - 62W - for stock
ATV312HU30M3 Variable speed drive, 3kW - 6.6kVA - 146 W - 200....1 in stock
ATV312HU30N4 Variable speed drive, 3kW - 7.1kVA - 125 W - for stock
ATV312HU40M3Variable speed drive 4kW - 8.4kVA - 180 W, - 200.....1 in stock
ATV312HU40N4Variable speed drive 4kW- 9.2kVA - 150 W- 380..500...2 in stock
ATV312HU40S6Variable speed drive, 4kW - 9.7kVA - 94 W - 525..6...1 in stock
ATV312HU55M3 Variable speed drive, 5.5kW - 12.8kVA - 292W - 20...1 in stock
ATV312HU55N4ATV312 - 5.5kW - 15kVA - 232W - 380..500 V- 3-phas...11 in stock
ATV312HU55S6 VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE 5.5KW - 15KVA, 133W-525..600...1 in stock
ATV312HU75M3Variable speed drive- 7.5kW - 16.2kVA - 388W- for stock
ATV312HU75N4Variable speed drive ATV312 - 7.5kW - 18kVA - 269W...2 in stock
ATV312HU75S6 Variable speed drive ATV312 - 7.5kW - 19kVA - 165...1 in stock

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