Altivar 61 by Schneider Electric

Altivar 61 Variable Frequency Drives

ATV61 drives for variable torque from 1 to 900 HP. The Altivar 61 frequency inverters are used for 3-phase asynchronous motors and variable torque applications from 575-690V. Features include a graphic keypad, Modbus integration, input/output extension cards, and more than 150 programmable functions. Applications for Altivar 61 drives include high performance variable torque applications such as fan, multi-pump, and pumps. 


Part NumberDescriptionInventory
ATV61HD15N4ATV61 15 kW 20HP 480V 3 phases EMC IP20 with graph...4 in stock
ATV61HD11N411 KW 15 HP 480V 3 PHASES EMC IP20 WITH GRAPH TERM4 in stock
ATV61HD22N422 kW 30 HP 480 Volt 3-Phase with EMC IP203 in stock
ATV61H075N4ATV61 0.75 kW 1 HP 480 Volt 3-Phase with EMC IP202 in stock
ATV61HD37N4ATV61 37 kW 50 HP 3-Phase 480 Volt EMC IP202 in stock
ATV61HD30N461 30 kW 40 HP 480 Volt 3-Phase EMC IP202 in stock
ATV61HD18N4ATV61 18.5 kW 25 HP 480 Volt 3-Phase with EMC IP201 in stock
ATV61HD30Y Variable speed drive ATV61 - 30kW / 690V - 30HP / for stock
ATV61HD22YVariable speed drive ATV61 - 22kW / 690V - 25HP / for stock
ATV61HD22M3X ATV61 22 kW 30HP 240V 3 phases w/o EMC IP20call for stock
ATV61HD18Y Variable speed drive ATV61 - 18.5kW / 690V - for stock
ATV61HD15Y Variable speed drive ATV61 - 15kW / 690V - 15HP / for stock
ATV61HD11YVariable speed drive ATV61 - 11kW / 690V - 10HP / for stock
ATV61HD15M3XSPEED DRIVE 20 HP 230 V ATV6call for stock
ATV61HC11N4 ATV61 Variable Speed Drive 150 HP 460 Voltcall for stock
ATV61HC31N4 500 HP 460V AC Variable Speed Drivecall for stock
ATV61HC22N4D460V VT DRIVE IP20 300-350HP NO DC CHOKEcall for stock
ATV61HC22N4 Altivar 61 drive 350hp 400/480 3phcall for stock
ATV61HC20Y Variable speed drive ATV61 - 200kW / 690V - for stock
ATV61HC16N4 SPEED DRIVE 250 HP 460 Vcall for stock
ATV61HC13N4DSPEED DRIVE, 200HP, 460V, ATV61-NO DC CHOKEcall for stock
ATV61HC13N4224A 480V ATV61 Variable Speed Drivecall for stock
ATV61HC11Y Variable speed drive ATV61 - 110kW / 690V - for stock
ATV61HC11N4DSPEED DRIVE 150 HP 460VATV61 NO DC CHOKEcall for stock
ATV61HD37Y Variable speed drive ATV61 - 37kW / 690V - 40HP / for stock