M340 by Schneider Electric

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Part NumberDescriptionInventory
BMXCPS2000AC Power Supply - Standard7 in stock
BMXDRA0805Digital 8Q Isolated Relays I/O Module3 in stock
BMXAMO02102 U/I Output Isolated Analog I/O Module2 in stock
BMXDDM16022Digital 8I 24Vdc 8Q I/O Module2 in stock
BMXDAO1605BMX-DAO-1605 - Modicon M340 (I-O And Application M...1 in stock
BMXDDI3202KDigital 32 Input Vdc I/O Module1 in stock
BMXDDO3202KDigital 32Q I/O Module1 in stock
BMXDDI6402KDigital 62 Input Vdc I/O Module1 in stock
BMXAMM06004 In U/I, 2 Out U/I Analog I/O Module1 in stock
BMXDDO1612Digital 16 Output I/O Modulecall for stock
BMXDDO1602Digital 16Q 0.5 Amp I/O Modulecall for stock
BMXDDM3202KDigital 16I Vdc 16Q I/O Modulecall for stock
BMXDDM16025Digital 8I 24Vdc 8Q Relaycall for stock
BMXAMI04104 U/I Isolated High Speed Analog I/O Modulecall for stock
BMXDDI1603Input Module - 48Vdc, 16 Inputs, 20 Pinscall for stock
BMXDDI1602Digital 16 Input Discrete I/Ocall for stock
BMXDAI1604Digital 16 input I/O Module - 100 to 120 Vaccall for stock
BMXDAI1603Digital 16 Input 48 Vac I/O Modulecall for stock
BMXDAI1602Digital 16 Input Discrete I/O, 24Vac/24Vdc Sourcecall for stock

AC Power Supply - High Power

call for stock
BMXCPS3020Power Supply - High Power Isolated 24 - 48 Volts D...call for stock
BMXCPS2010Standard Isolated DC Power Supplycall for stock
BMXART08148 TC/RTD Isolated Input Analog I/O Modulecall for stock
BMXART04144 TC/RTD Isolated Input Analog I/O Modulecall for stock
BMXDRA1605Digital 16Q Isolated Relays I/O Modulecall for stock