Modicon Quantum by Schneider Electric

Modicon Quantum PLCs

The Modicon Quantum series is a large PLC for process applications, high availability, and safety solutions. Quantum provides well-balances CPUs able to provide leading performance from boolean to floating point instruction. They have a high-level multitasking system, memory capacity up to 7 Mb using PCMCIA extensions, and plus and play high-performance Hot-Standby solutions. The Modicon Quantum series from Schneider Electric offers a large range of processors that will fit any design for your ethernet architecture. 

Part NumberDescriptionInventory
140CFB03200Digital Input Block,Fuse Perpt13 in stock
140CFE03200Digital Output Block,Fuse13 in stock
140CPS11100Power Supply Module - 120..230 V AC - Standalone13 in stock
140CHS11000Hot Standby S91112 in stock
140CFA04000Univ Wiring Block Str Thru10 in stock
140CFJ00400Analog Output Block,Fuseperchan4 in stock

Modicon Quantum - Hot Standby Splitter Kit For ...

3 in stock
140CPS11400 AC 115/230VAC 8A2 in stock
140CFK00400 Analog Output Block, Non Fused2 in stock
140CFU40000Fuse Kit 4 Amp Qty 102 in stock

Tal Block, Fuse By Group

1 in stock

Digital Output Block,Fuseperpt

1 in stock

Analog Input Block,Fusepe

1 in stock
140CHS41010Hot Standby L1 Kitcall for stock
140AVO02000CAnalog Output Module Modicon Quantum - 4 Ocall for stock
140CHS41020Hot Standby L2 Kitcall for stock
140CPS11100C Power Supply Module Modicon Quantum - 120..230 V for stock
140CFU08000Fuse Kit 0.8 Amp Qty 10call for stock

Hot Standby Kit S911

call for stock
140CFX00210Fuse Replacement Jumpercall for stock

Terminal Block Common St

call for stock
140CFU00600Use Kit 1/16 Amp Qty 10call for stock

Analog Input Block,Non-Fused

call for stock
140CFD03200Cablefast Terminal Block With Fuse - 1 Female for stock
140CPS11400CAC 115/230VAC 8A CCcall for stock