Modicon Quantum by Schneider Electric

Modicon Quantum PLCs

The Modicon Quantum series is a large PLC for process applications, high availability, and safety solutions. Quantum provides well-balances CPUs able to provide leading performance from boolean to floating point instruction. They have a high-level multitasking system, memory capacity up to 7 Mb using PCMCIA extensions, and plus and play high-performance Hot-Standby solutions. The Modicon Quantum series from Schneider Electric offers a large range of processors that will fit any design for your ethernet architecture. 

Part NumberDescriptionInventory
140EHC20200High-Speed Counter Module - 500000 Hz13 in stock

Modicon Quantum - High-Speed Counter Module - 8...

9 in stock
140ERT85420Multifunction Input Module Modicon Quantum - 32 I ...3 in stock
140HLI34000 Latch/Interrupt Module - 16 I - Fast Isolated3 in stock
140ERT85410Time Tag3 in stock
140ESI06210Ascii Serial Link- 2 Rs232C Port2 in stock
140ENETSW01Q8P 8 PORT ETHERNET SWITCH 3...1 in stock
140MSB10100Motion Controller INC ENC1 in stock
140EHC20800SCR 8 channel medium speed counter1 in stock
140EIA92100CModule AS-I Master 1CH CCcall for stock

Motion Controller Delta Computer Systems

call for stock
140MMS53502Motion Controller Multi-Axiscall for stock
140MMS42501Motion Controller Multi-Axiscall for stock
140MMS42500Motion Controller Multi-Axiscall for stock
140MMD10400Motion Controller Multi-Axis Drivescall for stock
140MMD10200Motion Controller Multi-Axis Drivescall for stock
140MMB10200Motion Controller Multi-Axis Drivescall for stock
140MMB10400Motion Controller Multi-Axis Drivescall for stock
140EIA92100As-Interface Master Module- 30 V DCcall for stock
140KRP10000Program Programcall for stock
140EDK77100Ethernet Development Kitcall for stock
140EHC20800Analog COUNTER 8 Channel Spectrum Ccall for stock
140EDK21100 Kit Developerscall for stock
140ERT85410IAT Module Sequence of Eventscall for stock
140DVO85300C Discrete Output Module Modicon Quantum - 32 O - for stock