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FANUC CNC Servo Amps

Servo Amps

FANUC servo amplifiers are the most reliable and cost efficient amplifiers on the market. Alpha and Beta series amplifiers maximize productivity by minimizing complexity in your automation setup. Setup information is stored digitally in the controller. Closing loops will allow your machine to send feedback and optimize performance. FANUC motors support the widest range of applications in the industry. The following are the separate benefits of each the Alpha series and Beta series:
  • Alpha i Series - The energy efficient option. Features power source regeneration and low power loss. Built with a structure of power supply, spindle amplifier, and servo amplifier, this series comes with a safe torque off function and leakage protection. Maintenance is made easy as the amplifier does not need to be completely disassembled for parts like the circuit board to be replaced.
  • Beta i Series - The cost effective option. Includes and integrated power supply. These servo amplifiers can support up to 2 axes or for one spindle and 3 axes. This series also takes advantage of the safe torque off function. These compact servo amps are perfect for small/medium lathe machines
MRO Electric and Supply offers repair services as well as an exchange program for Schneider Electric, Yaskawa, Siemens, and all other manufacturers listed on our website. All repairs include a 12 month warranty for your satisfaction.

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Servo Amps Description Stock Level
A06B-6035-H315A06B-6035-H315 - Fanuc Servo AmpsCall For Stock
A06B-6041-H112A06B-60 SERVO DRIVE DC SPINDLE A06B6041H112Call For Stock
A06B-6042-H102A06B-6042-H102 - Fanuc Servo AmpsCall For Stock
A06B-6042-H103A06B-6042-H103 - Fanuc Servo AmpsCall For Stock
A06B-6044-H008A06B-60 SERVO DRIVE SPINDLE UNIT A06B6044H008Call For Stock
A06B-6044-H140A06B-60 SERVO DRIVE SPINDLE A06B6044H140Call For Stock
A06B-6044-H208A06B-60 SERVO DRIVE AC SPINDLE A06B6044H208Call For Stock
A06B-6045-H001A06B-6045-H001 - Fanuc Servo AmpsCall For Stock
A06B-6045-H003A06B-60 SERVO CONTROL A06B6045H003Call For Stock
A06B-6045-H005A06B-60 SERVO DRIVE SERVO UNIT DC 10/20/30 A06B6045H005Call For Stock
A06B-6047-H001A06B-60 SERVO CONTROLLER DC 00M A06B6047H0012 In Stock
Ships Today
A06B-6047-H002A06B-60 SERVO CONTROLLER DC 0M/5M A06B6047H0028 In Stock
Ships Today
A06B-6047-H003A06B-60 SERVO VELOCITY CONTROL UNIT 10/20M A06B6047H0035 In Stock
Ships Today
A06B-6047-H004A06B-60 SERVO DRIVE DC 30M A06B6047H0041 In Stock
Ships Today
A06B-6047-H040A06B-60 SERVO AXIS DRIVE A06B6047H0405 In Stock
Ships Today
A06B-6047-H041A06B-60 SERVO DRIVE VELOCITY CONTROL UNIT DC 30M A06B6047H0411 In Stock
Ships Today
A06B-6047-H104A06B-6047-H104 - AC Servo Drive Velocity Control UnitCall For Stock
Ships Today
A06B-6047-H208A06B-6047-H208 - Fanuc Servo AmpsCall For Stock
A06B-6047-H304A06B-60 SERVO DRIVE DC 30M-2K A06B6047H304Call For Stock
A06B-6050-H001A06B-60 SERVO DRIVE AC 3-0/4-0 A06B6050H001Call For Stock
A06B-6050-H002A06B-60 SERVO DRIVE AC A06B6050H0022 In Stock
Ships Today
A06B-6050-H003A06B-60 SERVO DRIVE AC 0/5/10 A06B6050H003Call For Stock
A06B-6050-H004A06B-60 SERVO AMPLIFIER FOR AC MOTOR 20-30 A06B6050H004Call For Stock
A06B-6050-H005A06B-60 SERVO DRIVE AC 30R A06B6050H0051 In Stock
Ships Today
A06B-6050-H006A06B-60 SERVO DRIVE AC 30AMP A06B6050H006Call For Stock
A06B-6050-H102A06B-60 SERVO VELOCITY CONTROL UNIT AC 0/5 A06B6050H1023 In Stock
Ships Today
A06B-6050-H103A06B-60 VELOCITY CONTROL UNIT SERVO UNIT AC 10 A06B6050H1032 In Stock
Ships Today
A06B-6050-H104A06B-60 SERVO DRIVE AC 20/30 A06B6050H1042 In Stock
Ships Today
A06B-6050-H113A06B-6050-H113 - Fanuc Servo AmpsCall For Stock
A06B-6050-H201A06B-6050-H201 - Fanuc Servo AmpsCall For Stock
A06B-6050-H203A06B-60 SERVO AMPLIFIER 2AXIS A06B6050H2031 In Stock
Ships Today
A06B-6050-H303A06B-60 SERVO VELOCITY CONTROL AC 10 DIGITAL A06B6050H303Call For Stock
A06B-6050-H304A06B-60 SERVO UNIT AC 10/20 DIGITAL A06B6050H304Call For Stock
A06B-6050-H401A06B-6050-H401 - FANUC CNC Servo AmpsCall For Stock
A06B-6050-H402A06B-6050-H402 - Fanuc Servo Amps1 In Stock
Ships Today
A06B-6050-K060A06B-60 BATTERY CASE A06B6050K060Call For Stock
A06B-6053-H003A06B-60 SERVO DRIVE 200-230V A06B6053H003Call For Stock
A06B-6053-H022A06B-60 SERVO DRIVE 200-230V A06B6053H022Call For Stock
A06B-6053-H080A06B-60 VELOCITY CONTROL PANEL A06B6053H080Call For Stock
A06B-6053-H100A06B-60 SERVO DRIVE 200-230V A06B6053H100Call For Stock
A06B-6055-H106A06B-60 SERVO DRIVE A06B-6055-H106Call For Stock
A06B-6055-H215A06B-60 SPINDLE AMP AC A06B-6055-H215Call For Stock
A06B-6057-H004A06B-60 SERVO AMPLIFIER A06B6057H0041 In Stock
Ships Today
A06B-6057-H005A06B-60 SERVO AMPLIFIER 10 DIGITAL A06B6057H0051 In Stock
Ships Today
A06B-6057-H006A06B-6057-H006 - Fanuc Servo AmpsCall For Stock
A06B-6057-H007A06B-60 SERVO MODULE A06B6057H0071 In Stock
Ships Today
A06B-6057-H203A06B-6057-H203 - Fanuc Servo AmpsCall For Stock
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