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4.9 Overall Satisfaction

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9/14/2020 QET
Overall very happy with our MRO experience. The altivar drive was well packed as requested and brand new in the box. Joe was patient and accommodating in processing our order in compliance with our corporate policies.
9/9/2020 Dave
Joe has been our sales rep for years and he consistently sends us quotes within minutes. MRO makes the ordering process very simple and we appreciate their support.
9/2/2020 Edwin
Very good service
9/2/2020 Conroe
Fair price and responsive sales team. David and Joe were both helpful and we appreciate the customer service. Drive is installed and running so we are very happy and will go back to MRO for more schneider parts as the need arises
8/28/2020 Josh
MRO went out of their way to process our order after hours and the CPU we ordered was delivered within 12 hrs of the order being placed. Top notch service
8/27/2020 Victor
Pricing was under what our local rep quoted and the servo came with a 2 year warranty, so we went with MRO despite not having dealt with them before. Worked out great so we will keep them on speed dial!
8/20/2020 Dave
Excellent service and very understanding. Special shout out to Al and the repairs team for their support!
8/19/2020 Cynthia
Great customer service, fast shipping and quality products from mroelectric. I would order again.
8/18/2020 JMMT
MRO is only a 10 minute drive from our shop so we were able to pick up the amp and it was a very easy process. They do good work and have helped us a few times before.
8/17/2020 Reed
Our customer found MRO online and had us purchase the pcb they needed so we could install in their machine. The board looked brand new when we received it and is running great.
8/13/2020 Roxy
Thank you to the sales team for all of your help! Joe was very patient and understood how urgent our order was, we appreciate the fast processing and ability to get the order out the door
8/13/2020 McKee
immediate quote response, competitive pricing. sent over a PO and had both i/o modules shipped nda saver
8/11/2020 Genny
Great to work with!!
8/10/2020 Tom
Item was properly priced and delivery was very timely.
8/10/2020 Ruthbeatrice
A great service, quick response and I was satifaying with the products.
8/7/2020 Max
Purchased a new servo motor and refurbished servo amp to replace two that we had knocked out in a power surge. We've been running for 10hrs now and everything looks good.
8/7/2020 Hoosier
Processed a speedy repair for our teach pendant. It looks brand new and works perfectly, huge savings vs buying a new one from Fanuc
8/4/2020 Kent
Delivery was delayed by a day but it turned out it was an issue with UPS, not MRO. When we contacted MRO they contacted a UPS rep and had everything sorted out. We're running now and appreciate the attention paid to our issue
8/3/2020 CAM
We ordered 1 drive for our machine and after it was installed decided to order a 2nd as a backup up. MRO's refurbished units looked much better than expected and ran like new.
7/28/2020 Reyna
Ordered a new lcd to replaced the old crt that burned out in our control, new version fit right in and looks great. Good service