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4.9 Overall Satisfaction

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8/2/2019 Henderson
Excellent Service!
7/31/2019 Wise
Quick response on pricing and shipping. Great company from my experience.
7/30/2019 Victor
Purchasing form MRO Electric and Supply Company was easy and fast. The sales associate was very knowledgeable of the different products relating to my purchase. Product was priced competitively reasonable and in stock with no waiting period on shipping.
7/30/2019 Stull
They had the part, they told me the price, and they delivered a functioning device. All in all, I'm pleased
7/19/2019 Carlos
Excellent service!
7/18/2019 SMK
Great customer service, easy to order parts and receive RMA for core return.. I will definitely order from them again
7/17/2019 Jose
We had a machine down due to a damaged component and MRO was one of the very few suppliers that have the part in stock and they have it at the best price. We couldĀ“t pay from the web page because we are international customers but Joe from sales department was very helpfull and guided us through the rest of the process, the part was shipped same day and we received 2 days later in our facilites (after custom clearence) and the machine was back in production Great service
7/16/2019 James
The service was great! Everything was so easy and smooth. I would recommend everyone give you a try.
7/16/2019 Anonymous Customer
good service
7/12/2019 Anonymous Customer
Joe and his team were wonderful to work with. They were knowledgeable and very willing to help us get the parts we needed right away.
7/2/2019 David
Great transaction all around. They knew what I needed and the ordering and shipping process went perfect.
7/1/2019 David
7/1/2019 Anonymous Customer
great experience. Product delivered on time.
6/28/2019 Billy
What a great group of people
6/21/2019 Seth
MRO saved our neck after a power surge knocked out one of our main production lines. They had the power supply in stock and we sent a driver to pick it up the same day so we only had about 5 hours downtime. They have shot to the top of our list of preferred vendors.
6/11/2019 Robert
Everyone I have talked with at MRO Electric was knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. The modules I purchased are no longer in production so finding a source for them allows me to delay the large expense of replacing the entire fountain controller for a bit longer. I recommend MRO Electric without hesitation.
5/31/2019 Jasser
Great service, and fast shipping.
5/30/2019 An
Overall my experience was positive. Super fast responses from the MRO representatives. In minutes they had come back with a price estimate on parts and responded quickly to go through the process of getting the parts on order. In two days I had what I needed. I only had one minor issue: The parts I were buying are no longer manufactured and are hard to come across. When I saw that MRO had "new" parts 2/3 cheaper than what a new par used to cost when it was still being manufactured, I found it hard to believe. I contacted them and asked if they were sure if the part was in fact new, and i was reassured they were. When I received the parts, it was obvious the parts weren't new - they were probably refurbished (hence the cheaper price.) I knew this because new parts have plastic film on the screens of the part and you could see minor wear marks where this part was slid in and out of the rack it sits in. Luckily, I consulted my customer and informed him that the part was refurbished and not brand new as requested and they said as long as the part was proven functional they were happy with it. So at the end of the day everything worked out and my customer ultimately saved a lot of money, however I would have appreciated a little more research into the history of the part for an honest answer. I give MRO the benefit of doubt that the part was new instead of refurbished as the part was inside of a sealed box. I am still very happy with the customer service.
5/30/2019 Curt
Great service and prices.
5/27/2019 Happy
Mroelectric did exactly what they said the could do. Repaired my servo amp in two days. Saved me at least one possibly two weeks of down time. Great job.