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5/5/2021 Anonymous Customer
these guys made it unbelievably easy. they help me diagnose the problem. Had the units in stock, and shipped to me the next day. Made sure i had no issues during install and everything. thanks to them i was back to making parts in 3 days instead of weeks from OEM.
5/4/2021 Brandon
Good product, worked great and quick shipping!
5/4/2021 Purchasing Agent
Each time I purchase from MRO Electric, they respond quickly while giving me a fairly priced quote for the parts I need. I recommend them 100%!
5/4/2021 TERESA
The responses to my requests were very quick and Joe was extremely helpful with everything. He answered all of my questions with grace as I had a few.
5/3/2021 Mike
My Experience with Joe Kaminski at MRO Electric was excellent! Joe was very helpful and sent the part I needed via next day air. The part was exactly right and my machine was up and running the next day. I highly recommend these people.
5/3/2021 Lupita R
Great service! and quick response to something i needed . 10/10 excellent!
5/3/2021 john pimentel
Great all around Great service
5/3/2021 Ken
I like to use MRO for certain hard to find items, and they have some of the best pricing anywhere.
5/3/2021 aaladin industries
very very easy to work with this company is fast and stands behind what they sell good job guys will deal with your company in the future thanks
5/3/2021 Tom Willert
Good customer service and delivery time. Will use again in the future.
5/3/2021 J. Bell
Great service and speedy delivery. Will order from MRO Electric and Supply Company again.
4/30/2021 Alpha Trading International
MRO presents quick turn around time with their quotes, and fast delivery. This is good for us as we need our quotes and products quickly for our customers. E-mails are always responded to within a few hours. Overall we are very satisfied customers of MRO.
4/30/2021 Chuck
Great source for hard to find parts.
4/30/2021 Ken Ambrosia
Very friendly polite and helpful service.
4/30/2021 BTCReviewer
We had a great experience with MRO repairing a touch screen for our press brake.
4/30/2021 John @ Mill and Mine SVCS
The folks at MRO are very Professional, Courteous, and Quick to get you Quote and delivery times. MRO knows when I call, I need parts yesterday. It is a great feeling knowing someone else speaks my language!
4/30/2021 Dan Tweed
Price was competitive, MRO knew what we needed. they also responded quickly to an issue related to a dip switch that we knew nothing about. All we basically had to do was plug and play. they also gave us core credit on the unit returned. great to have such a resource especially one that is close in North Carolina!
4/30/2021 Procurement Dept
We needed a specialty part for a compressor that was down. MRO was priced right and helped get the part to us as quick as possible.
4/30/2021 Hannah P.
We were able to locate the parts required quickly using the website. MRO was able to help us with quoting efficiently, and accepting our order and making the entire process very easy.
4/30/2021 MARK WILSON