Schneider Electric includes the brands Modicon, Telemecanique, and Square D. These companies have been acquired by Schneider Electric and their products are now included in the Schneider Electric manufacturer listing.

Latest Products

Part NumberSeriesDescriptionInventory
140NOA62200Modicon Quantum

Interbus Master Module Generation 4 Modicon Qua...

call for stock
140NOA62200CModicon QuantumInterbus Master Module Generation 4 Modicon for stock
140NOC77100Modicon QuantumModule TCP / IP1 in stock
140NOC77100CModicon QuantumModule TCP / IPcall for stock
140NOC77101Modicon Quantum Ethernet Communication Module - Rj45 - 10/100 for stock
140NOC77101CModicon QuantumTCP/IP Modbuscall for stock
140NOC78000Modicon QuantumEthernet Dio Network Module - Rj45 - 10/100 Mbit/S1 in stock
140NOC78000CModicon QuantumCoated Modicon Quantum Ethernet Dio Network for stock
140NOC78100Modicon QuantumEthernet Control Network Module - Rj45 - 10/100 Mb...1 in stock
140NOC78100CModicon QuantumCoated Ethernet Control Network Module - Rj45 - for stock
140NOE21100Modicon Quantum TCP/IP 1CH Twister Pair4 in stock
140NOE21100CModicon QuantumTCP/IP 1CH Twister Pair CCcall for stock
140NOE21110Modicon Quantum TCP/IP 1CH Twister Pair1 in stock
140NOE21110CModicon QuantumTCP/IP 1CH Twister Pair CCcall for stock
140NOE25100Modicon Quantum TCP/IP 1CH Fiberoptic CC1 in stock
140NOE25100CModicon QuantumTCP/IP 1CH Fiberoptic CCcall for stock
140NOE25110Modicon QuantumTCP/IP 8CH Fiber 2Mcall for stock
140NOE25110CModicon QuantumTCP/IP 8CH Fiber 2M CCcall for stock
140NOE31100Modicon Quantum Symax 10BASET TW Pair Compat4 in stock
140NOE31100CModicon QuantumSymax 10BASET TW Pair Compatcall for stock
140NOE35100Modicon QuantumMMS TP 1CHcall for stock
140NOE51100Modicon QuantumMMS FL 1CHcall for stock
140NOE77100Modicon QuantumModbus 10/100 BASE T 100FX 8M Flash Mem TCP/IP, HT...3 in stock
140NOE77100CModicon QuantumModbus 10/100 BASE T 100FX 8M Flash Mem TCP/IP, for stock
140NOE77101Modicon QuantumEthernet Network Tcp/Ip Module - Class B30 - Data ...9 in stock

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