140CPU53414B: Manual Overview and Price of Replacement

The Modicon Quantum 140CPU53414B is a Schneider Electric CPU module which is supported by Concept and ProWORX software. The CPU can also be used with Unity by upgrading the exec file. This CPU is currently at the forefront of the Quantum series and one of the more popular CPUs for many PLC systems.

On the front of the 140CPU53414B there are two switches, a three-position slide switch and a three-position key switch. The slide switch is used to select the comm parameter settings for the Modbus RS-232 ports. Setting the slide switch to the top position assigns ASCII functionality to the port.

We will be continuing a series with more info on the 140CPU53414B along with troubleshooting info the the CPU, as anyone who has had their CPU go down knows the price of their line being out of commission. For more technical data you can check out the PDFs on our site that include the manual for the Quantum series.

We have the product page for this CPU here. To get pricing and order info you can email sales@mroelectric.com or call 1-800-691-8511.


Updated on March 5, 2020 by Brian Hughes

Joe Kaminski

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