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6FC5357-0BB35-0AA0: Beyond the User Manual

The 6FC5357-0BB35-0AA0 Sinumerik 840D/DE is a NCU 573.5 unit with 64MB of memory running at 933 MHZ. The Sinumerik 840D series provides an open, flexible, and powerful CNC system with the Sinamics S120 design for up to 93 axes. The units are decentralized, scalable, open, inter-connectable, and with a wide range of functionality which allows for use in almost every machining technology and it sets the standard in dynamics, precision, and network integration. The 6FC5357-0BB35-0AA0 offers uniformity in its programming, operation, and machining cycles. With its efficiency in programming, installation and commissioning, this CNC system platform is characterized by its optimum design, innovative NC functionality, openness, and communication.

The 6FC5357-0BB35-0AA0 can be perfectly customized to practically every machine and machining technology in the manufacturing industry.
The SINUMERIK 840D system platform provides comprehensive machine tool capabilities and innovative functionality for every machining technology. The CNC can be
deployed around the world in a variety of machining applications, such as milling, turning, drilling, grinding, laser-cutting, nibbling, stamping, as well as in multi-tasking machines, namely, mill-turning and turn-milling. The 6FC5357-0BB35-0AA0 is the ideal CNC for tool- and moldmaking, high-speed-cutting applications, wood and glass processing, composite machining, medical part and power generation manufacturing, and not to mention the handling in transfer lines, rotary indexing machines and shopfloor manufacturing.
For more info you can visit our product page here. To order or get price you can email or call 1-800-691-8511.

UNI3405: Beyond the User Manual Parameters

The UNI3405 Unidrive is part of the Classic Unidrive series. Control Techniques introduced the Unidrive Classic around 1993 in Europe and approximately 1995 in the Americas. Because the Unidrive Classic ran simple Open Loop, Closed Loop Vector, and Servo motor applications as well as offering a Regen mode, the UNI3405 found its way into a great many industrial applications, from simple to quote complex. Visit our website to checkout all of our Control Techniques products.

Due to its status as a legacy product, the UNI3405 is becoming available only in limited quantities.

The UNI3405 contains approximately 500-600 parameters that help machine manufacturers achieve the desired functionality for a certain machine requirement. Some applications may require 20-30 or more parameters to be changed from the drives factory default settings. Should drive replacement become necessary, one must have a complete and accurate list of these parameters so that the original functionality can be restored. If you do not have a list of the required parameters, one could copy down these parameters manual. This is assuming that the drive still works enough to power the display, and even then the manual copying of parameters is tedious and error prone.

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UD75: Beyond the User Manual

The UD75 CTnet Interface card for the Unidrive Classic series is supplied in a large option module. It is an add-on card for the UD70 applications card. The UD70 processor and operating system handles all network activity, and uses a dual-port RAM interface to transfer data between itself and the drive.

The UD70 CTnet retains full functionality, allowing the user to download normal DPL application programs. No program modifications are required to allow existing DPL programs to run. A different UD70 operating system file (“UD70NET.SYS”) is used, and the UD70 has this system file pre-loaded.

The Unidrive must be disconnected from the mains supply before installing or removing any option module, including the UD75.

Isolate the drive from the mains supply and allow 5 minute for the DC bus capacitors to discharge. Insert the large option module. Ensure that it is correctly inserted. The module will click firmly into place. To remove the module, pull on the black tab and the module will disengage from the connector and pull out of the drive.

For more info you can visit the UD75 product page here. For price and ordering info you can email or call 1-800-691-8511. We have these and all the other Unidrive Classic option modules in stock, along with the drives themselves.

UD75 CTnet

6SN1145-1BA01-0BA1: Beyond the User Manual

The 6SN1145-1BA01-0BA1 Infeed/Regenerative feedback module is rated at 16/21kW and stabilized with internal cooling. This Simodrive is no longer in production as of 2014, but still widely avaialable and used around the world.

A Simodrive drive group has a modular configuration comprising line filter, commutating reactor, line supply infeed module (such as the 6SN1145-1BA01-0BA1), drive modules as well as, when required: monitoring, pulsed resistor and capacitor module(s).
Satisfactory operation is ensured only in conjunction with the components that
are described in this Configuration Manual or published in the Catalog NC60
(Internet Mall) and with adherence to the required boundary/application condi-
Failure to observe this along with improper use and application conditions can
void your certifications, conformity declarations or warranty claims. In order to
avoid contamination, the modules should be installed in a control cabinet with
degree of protection IP 54.
Simodrives can also be arranged in several tiers one above the other or next to
one another. The drive modules are connected through the DC bus bars on the front of the units.
To check out our product page for this infeed module you can follow this link. For a price quote and ordering info you can email or call 1-800-691-8511.

UNI1405 Manual Installation and Pricing

The Control Techniques UNI1405 Unidrive is a 5hp, 9.5A AC drive with a peak output of 9.6kHz. All of the Unidrives have a built-in encoder port which is ready to accept motor rotational feedback after installation. There are three option modules available to compliment or extend the range of motor speed / position feedback capabilities.  For additional info about the UNI1405 manual programming of the option modules you can check out our post about the UD73 option module here.

Each of these option modules creates a simulated encoder output as either line driven quadrature channels or as frequency / direction signals to facilitate follower applications.

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UD73 Module: Beyond the Manual

The Control Techniques UD73 large option module is a high speed microprocessor that provide a low cost facility for a system designer to write app specific programs without needing a PLC or other stand-alone controllers. The module is programmed via the RS232 port using the Control Techniques system programming toolkit.

The UD73 module uses a dual port RAM to interface to the drive’s main processor which provides intimate high-speed bi-directional access. It can ready and modify any of the parameters within the drive. This enables customized real-time calculations under a multi-tasking run-time environment.

The optically isolated RS485 port serves as a communication for for the CTIU operator interface units. It is fully configurable, supporting many communication modes. In addition, the module has the Profibus-DP port for additional communication options.

For additional info you can visit the UD73 product page on our website here. We will continue to post info about the Control Technique option modules in the future. If you would like to order a module or get more info you can email or call 1-800-691-8511.

The table below shows a quick reference for all of the different option modules that can be used with the Unidrive Classic series. We have all of the different modules available and in stock.

UD73 Table
UD73 Table

140CPU53414B: Manual Overview and Price of Replacement

The Modicon Quantum 140CPU53414B is a Schneider Electric CPU module which is supported by Concept and ProWORX software. The CPU can also be used with Unity by upgrading the exec file. This CPU is currently at the forefront of the Quantum series and one of the more popular CPUs for many PLC systems.

On the front of the 140CPU53414B there are two switches, a three-position slide switch and a three-position key switch. The slide switch is used to select the comm parameter settings for the Modbus RS-232 ports. Setting the slide switch to the top position assigns ASCII functionality to the port.

We will be continuing a series with more info on the 140CPU53414B along with troubleshooting info the the CPU, as anyone who has had their CPU go down knows the price of their line being out of commission. For more technical data you can check out the PDFs on our site that include the manual for the Quantum series.

We have the product page for this CPU here. To get pricing and order info you can email or call 1-800-691-8511.


6SN1123-1AA00-0EA1: Beyond the User Manual

The 6SN1123-1AA00-0EA1 is a 1 axis Simodrive Power Module and part of the 611 series. Together with the control module, the power module forms the drive module for feed or main spindle applications.

The power modules can be used to operate 1FT6, 1FK6, and 1FK7 servo motors along with 1FW6 built-in torque motors, 1FN linear motors, and 1PH main spindle motors. For special motors with a low leakage inductance it may be neccesary to provide a series reactor.

A wide range of 1-axis or 2-axis power modules are available. These are graded according to the current ratings and can be supplied with different cooling techniques. Matched or pre-assembled cables are available to connect to the motors along with shield terminal plates.

For more info on the 6SN1123-1AA00-0EA1 you can visit our product page here. To place an order or request additional info you can email or call 1-800-691-8511.


140CPU43412A: Beyond the User Manual

The Quantum 140CPU43412A CPU is a single-slot programmable controller with built-in executive memory, application memory and communication ports. All memory components are on board so no additional chips or cartridges are necessary.
Quantum CPUs use flash memory technology to support the CPU’s executive memory and instruction set. Flash is a state-of-the-art, nonvolatile memory technology that enables downloadable field upgrades as new features become available.
The application program can be stored in either battery-backed RAM and/or Flash RAM. The battery is located on the front of the CPU and can be serviced while the CPU is running. To protect the application program from inadvertent changes during operation, the 140CPU43412A features a memory-protect switch. An LED goes on when this switch is activated.
The 140CPU43412A CPU has two Modbus® ports and one Modbus Plus™ port. Simple rotary switches on the back of the CPU are used to set the network address of the Modbus Plus port. Each device on a Modbus Plus network must have a unique address in the range 1 … 64.
As an option, modules can be ordered with a conformal coating applied to protect the internal circuitry from corrosive gases such as Chlorine,Nitric Oxide, Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfur Dioxide.
For more info you can email or call 1-800-691-8511. Here is where you can find the 140CPU43412A Quantum CPU.
140CPU43412A Diagnosis

UNI2403: Beyond the User Manual

The Control Techniques UNI2403 Unidrive is a size 2 Unidrive with 5.5kW, 10HP, a 25A output and 19.8A input. The versatile Unidrive was the first universal AC drive capable of providing V/Hz, open, and closed loop vector, servo, and regen control in every unit. The unidrive combines all five of these AC drive technologies into one for the ease of the customer.

For quick setup of basic applications, the UNI2403‘s most common parameters are arrange in one main menu. There are hundreds of user-configurable functions that are separated into 20 logicial menus which provides quick setup for advanced apps.

For more info you can email or call 1-800-691-8511. All of our Control Techniques products are available on our website.

UNI2403 Dimensions
UNI2403 Dimensions